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  1. Hi Siva, I have been using your set of VIs for communicating PLC with LabVIEW via Ethernet IP. I am experiencing a problem with a particular PLC... while I am communicating seems like a loose signal for an instant and then I get an error... the only way to get the program working again is to reset the AB ENI converter (that converts serial to ethernet from the PLC). When I monitor the PLC by itself I have noticed that the ms for each scan is very slow... this PLC manages a lot of variables and I guess that amount of data makes the data transfer very slow... I wonder if there is an instant in which the VI does not get data and that is why it get an error. Any ideas?? Thanks, Jared QUOTE (jared @ Mar 12 2008, 06:21 PM)
  2. Hi Siva, thanks for your reply... I do not know how to implement what you are suggesting... I went to NI.com trying to find info regarding wrapper VIs and Drive VIs but I could not find anything. I will be reading a lot of data, but only sending one bit of information (to stop the system). Is there an example where I can see how to do this?? Thanks again for your help Jared QUOTE (siva @ Feb 29 2008, 03:51 AM)
  3. Thanks for all the help you have giving me previously... I am using your EtherNET/IP VIs but I had problems when trying to use the Update VI. I have several instances of the SCAN VI to read different integers, but as soon as I try to use a Scan VI to write a value to the PLC I get an error (something that has to do with the network busy or something like that). Any ideas of why this error and what do to to fix it. The weird thing is that when I use the Test program you provide (one SCAN and one Update) it works fine... but as soon as I put it in MY program with multiple Scans, then I get the error. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Jared QUOTE(siva @ Jan 10 2008, 06:32 PM)
  4. QUOTE(siva @ Sep 11 2007, 12:48 AM) Hi, I tried the VIs using a control to replace the "Fileno" Constant(0x07), However I got errors for each N value I tried, except for N7... Any ideas where my problem is? Also, if I want to write o read a Bit, do I only need to change the FileType to 0x85? Thanks
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