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  1. Hi, I've got a very large 2D array that is passed to a subVI, which is called frequently. My question is: is this big array copied each time, or is it passed as a reference (like a pointer in C) ? Thanks a lot. Sabine Lorentz
  2. Cool, thanks a lot. Is there, in general, a description available of the individual events? Or is it try-and-error?
  3. Hello fellows, I'd like to have an event fired as soon as the user clicks into a string control to start editing it... the idea is that everytime the user starts to edit this control, the windows virtual on-screen keyboard shall be launched, because the user has problems with typing on the small keyboard.... Is this event available? I tried "Mouse Enter" and "Mouse Leave", but this doesn't really fit. Any ideas? Sabine Lorentz
  4. Hello! Has anybody got some hints on how to perform image stitching using Labview? I.e. I've got a couple of overlapping small images and would like to merge them into a global (bigger) image. If this is not available in Labview, do you happen to know of another library with which this is possible? Please note: I know there are ready-to-use programs that do exactly that, but I need the functionality in my own program. Regards Sabine Lorentz
  5. QUOTE (normandinf @ Jan 24 2009, 10:40 PM) Well but I don't know how. In the attachment there's a VI showing what I want to do.
  6. Hello! I've got around ten computers in a network. To each computer, one or more sensors are connected. All computers use Labview as the programming language. The data acquisition of all sensors needs to start at the same time with a tolerance of up to half a second. My idea is to make one PC a "master" that sends a trigger via network, i.e. a MultiCast packet telling all other PCs to start the data acquisition. How do you think about it? Would you also use a Multicast packet? Thanks for any contributions. Sabine Lorentz
  7. Hello ! I'd like to export data from a waveform chart. I know it is possible to export a simplified image, but I need the actual data. I tried "History Data", but this one doesn't include the X-axis. I'd like best use the "Export Waveform to Spreadsheet" VI, but then I don't know how to convert the waveform chart to a waveform (the input of that VI). Can you help me? Sabine Lorentz
  8. Hello! I read measurement values out of a file. This takes about a minute. After that, I want the user to be able to change the value of a slider, and then display the value of measurement number "value of slider". So I used a flat sequence, and in the last block of this sequence I added an event structure. But obviously this event structure gets active long before: when I start the program with this last block, I can't do anything anymore, and as soon as I remove it, the program works again. So isn't it possible to have an event structure that is only active within a certain block of a sequence? Thanks a lot! Sabine Lorentz
  9. QUOTE (hooovahh @ Jan 21 2009, 07:19 PM) Thanks, this solved my problem!
  10. Hello! I read measurement values out of a file. For each measurement, I also read the year, the month and the day of the measurement. This file is not created by Labview. Now I would like to convert these three numbers I have (year, month and day as integers) to a TimeStamp. How is this possible?
  11. ... now I created the example myself. The procedure is straightforward: - download the OpenOffice 3 SDK and install it - there is an example for C#: ...\Program Files\OpenOffice.org_3.0_SDK\sdk\examples\CLI\CSharp\Spreadsheet\SpreadsheetDocHelper.cs ; compile this example (you can use e.g. the Visual C# Express Edition) - now you can use this generated assembly in Labview and create spreadsheet documents etc. A corresponding example VI, version 8.0 of Labview, is attached. Any suggestions how to build a Labview library, now that we have an example for OO reports? QUOTE (professor_rumsdiegeige @ Oct 30 2008, 12:42 PM)
  12. Hello! Is it possible to use Mono instead of Microsoft's .NET implementation for Labview's .NET functionality? I ask because in that case it would be possible to use Labview & .NET on Linux, too. Regards Sabine Lorentz
  13. Hello! This thread is quite old, but the demand is still there, I think, for an OpenOffice export from Labview. One of the main problems with the OpenOffice API is that it is very difficult and complex at a first glance. This is why I attached an example to create a OO spreadsheet from C#, i.e. using .NET. Using Labview's .NET functionality, it should be no problem to port this to Labview. Any volunteers? :-) QUOTE (rolfk @ Jun 16 2006, 09:19 AM)
  14. I checked the path again. The VI is on my desktop. You can find the VI I try to call and a screenshot how I configure the Vision Assistant in the attachment. Thank you! QUOTE (TobyD @ Oct 28 2008, 08:46 PM)
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