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  1. QUOTE(Aristos Queue @ Jul 23 2007, 04:28 AM) Just for the most popular OS: Windows! Bye, Badwolf
  2. Hello all! I attached here my examples VIs. The first one (write.vi) is a "data producer". I need to compile it and run it (continuosly, there's a while loop aroound). This would be "write.exe". The other one, readshot.vi, hasn't a while loop around. This is a one shot VI. I need to transform in a DLL to be called from another programming language (Delphi) whenever I want. I try to compile them separately but....it doesn't work. I'm unable to read data from readshot. I'm using Labview 7.1.1. Badwolf Download File:post-1101-1143453355.vi Download File:post-1101-1143453430.v
  3. Hi All!!! http://forums.ni.com/ni/board/message?boar...essage.id=15938 FOUND!!!! Regards, badwolf
  4. Hi all! I would like to use this "directory dialog" in Labview. It's immediate? This is in principle the directory dialog that Windows use to prompt you to select folders... Users get confused when they use the ordinary file dialog with folder operations...so I woukld like to use this one... Badwolf
  5. Hi jeffreyhabets! I think the property you mentioned is called Run-Time Menu Path. I think it doesn't help me in this. Thank for interest. Best regards, Badwolf :beer:
  6. Hi All! I attached here an example of how to read Run Time Menu Selection of another running VI. I can't believe that this is so complicated. :headbang: There should be a simpler way to do it or not ? Comments would be welcome Bye Badwolf Make run Control.vi , read menu status with Read.vi , change control.rtm as needed Download File:post-1101-1127820588.zip
  7. Hi all! It looks like that I started a discussion in a discussion. I don' t want to be offensive or not pollute with anybody. Let me be more precise. In my esperience I saw many many students in physics and post doc fellow coding really bad Labview code (something wrong and not working :headbang: ) in order to perform complicated data acquisition. Something would be just enough to educate by explaining them what a state machine is and force them to build subVi with specific functions (and why not....reusable by others!!) Compliments to forum authors and maintainers Bye Bye
  8. Almost all the physicists write the code like this, real Labview programmers (of course) do it better!
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