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  1. Find out the feature/function you need on your project then search with that specific keyword. Look in Find Examples to see how that is implemented. There are many videos on Youtube nowadays too. Go back here ask with more specific questions
  2. LabVIEW Professional: $2,771.00 /year Vision Development Module: $2,021.00 /year This is pricey!
  3. @Antoine Chalons I am at the phase making decision on specific hardware and OS to run with so I am need to clear up on some information. After doing more research about Windows IOT, specifically Windows IOT Enterprise and Windows Enterprise, I wonder if you choose to use the Windows IOT Enterprise because it comes pre-install on the controller you want to work with? Or because it has some specific features which make you choose to use it?
  4. @Antoine Chalons Thank you very much! Your information is very value to me.
  5. @Antoine Chalons Can I run LabVIEW on Windows Iot? Do you know any limitation? May I ask why do you switch to NI controller since you said you used to use Advantech IPC?
  6. Thanks @Tim_S for the lifecycle page Thanks @Antoine Chalons and @Jordan Kuehn for sharing expert knowledge about vision controller. @Antoine Chalons May I ask if Advantech IPC with Win 10 iot is a good option? Currently, we use only one camera for processing but we plan to update to dual cameras very soon. Can I use LabVIEW with Win 10 iot?
  7. Our company used NI RT controller CVS-1459 RT. Without any information, they discontinued this controller and suggest us about IC-3121. And we just found out it will discontinue the end of this year. All of this happen in one year. I contacted NI for replacement product and they suggest IC-3120 which has 2 ethernet ports instead of 2 USB 3.0 which we use to connect our cameras. NI engineer then suggest IC-3171 which is $1,700 higher than IC-3121 which is $3,000. What I am worry is we don't have any information ahead. I work with LabVIEW for 15 years. I used to have connection with NI sell representative. Now I don't have any information about the product timeline at all. I contacted with NI sale and they are now Newark company and they cannot answer me about controller replacement. What should I do in this case? Is there any person in NI should I contact with?
  8. I contacted NI support and they confirm that CVS/cRIO will not be able to connect with myRIO.
  9. Hi, Our current instrument is using CVS-1459. We have a laser device in the instrument. Normally the laser has a separated controller which let us controlled by using serial port or TCP/IP. We are trying a new laser device which only allow to control through DB25 with analog I/O and digital I/O. I figured that I can use a cheap controller as myRIO since my CVS does not support DAQmx to connect with a DAQ device. Now I have no idea how to connect CVS-1459 with myRIO. myRIO uses USB to Ethernet cable. I configure the Ethernet Adapter usb0 on the CVS to the same IP subnet with myRIO but I still cannot ping it. What is the other option I can use for my connection between CVS and myRIO or option to control the laser? Thank you in advance!
  10. Hi, Previously, I posted this question in wrong place. I moved it here. My team is trying to track down a memory leak issue with NI CSV (Compact Vision System). If the RT device run for 4 days it will have "Not enough memory" issue, but we still see available memory. We also limit the obtain reference. I would like to know if there is any property I can use to track down the allocated memory as well as release memory so I can track down on this memory issue. Thanks in advance!
  11. David, Currently, we already have that simple loop which can run with 10msec per image or 100 FPS. We are looking for option to upgrade to 150 FPS. The camera can up to this speed but the bottle neck is the compression step. That why I would like to do the compress at the end of each step. With your experience, do you think if I save each images separately into files will be faster than write into database? I can read, compress and write to SQLite database at the end of the test. Thank you very much!
  12. I would like to provide more information regarding my data: The image array size is 300,000 pixel * 8 One test has about 5528 images + particle measurement array in each them. Read Temp Table Time: 12.810000 sec Compress Image Time: 54.924000 sec Write Actual Table Time: 1.619000 sec (not sure why it is very fast here) Drop Temp Table Time: 265.688000 sec Originally, I have another index table which is foreign key reference to the image table. I also have to create temp table to reference to temp image table. The time above is for image table and index table with it.
  13. The reason I have these images save to a database is that at the end of the test, I need to collect this file as test data for post analyzing. I am thinking about your suggestion that temporary save the original images then compress them and save to database at the end but also the cost to save these images to file and read it back later. I hope to improve the speed from 100FPS to 150FPS or more. With your experience, do you think I can achieve the speed? The software is run on NI Compact Vision Controller (CVS).
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