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  1. Hi, I wonder if we can create application with multiple sub windows like TestStand using LabVIEW? Currently, my application has multiple dynamic call VIs. I can arrange them by specify the location and the size. But I still prefer to have them stay inside something like subpanel but can change side as well as location. Thank you in advance.
  2. My company is growing so need to add one more position for LabVIEW developer. Best to have experience working with complicated architecture Need to help object oriented knowledge and experience. Good to help experience with NI Vision, Motion, FPGA. We can transfer H1B. Please send email to thang.nguyen@lumacyte.com This position if filled. Thank you.
  3. If you are the one order the NI parts relating to motion you will receive the letter.
  4. We are using NI Softmotion, cRIO and NI 9503 to control stepper motors now. But since NI will discontinue these products we need to look for replacement. I just want a controller which I need to send command to tell motor move for a certain distance with a pre-program acceleration, velocity profiles. Thank you for answering my question.
  5. Hi, I am looking for an option to replacement of NI Softmotion + Stepper modules to control 3 axis stepper motors. If anyone has experiment with this please give me an advice. Thanks in advance.
  6. @ensegre: I am actually aware of the panel limit size. I did set the minimum size to the smallest value I can set to. But after setting it to 1x1, I don't get error anymore. I guess this fixed it. Thank you very much.
  7. In my application, I try to change the size of the Front Panel of sub VI based on configuration. I am not sure why I got error below. subVI Set Dialog Size's block diagram When call this VI, I tried to passed in VI server reference or pass using VI property node reference. Both of methods return same error Thank you in advance.
  8. In attachment is my FPGA VI. I have 2 motors. With one motor, I have a single cycle time loop to generate a PWM and another single cycle time loop to analyze the encoder. I would like to ask, if I want to add PID in FPGA, should I create a third while loop to connect encoder value with PID and the PWM generator? This is the only way I think it can happens. Regards, TNRover1_FPGA_Main.vi
  9. Hi, I am quite familiar with different design pattern on LabVIEW but I am a newbie on FPGA design. I start working on a project for my own hobby using myRIO to control motor speed with PWM and read back encoder. This is the first part of my project and I plan to expand more later. This project will help me to get use to FPGA too. I am trying to learn a good design pattern by follow the template project which is "LabVIEW FPGA control on Compact RIO". In this template project, feedback value and control signal are analog channels and they connect directly with PID module in FPGA in a normal while loop. The configuration are sent from host. In my prototype project, I already built FPGA module to drive PWM and read encoder using single-cycle time loop. I plan to use PID in real time code. If I want to follow the template design, I have to change the way I implement the code for FPGA and Real-Time. So right now, I am not sure what is a good design I should follow. If you have any advice, I will highly appreciate. Thank you very much!
  10. Thanks Chris and Yair. I decided to swap the Y to keep it simple . At the beginning I miscalculated the offset for origin, but I have correct value now.
  11. Hi, In current picture control, the origin start at top left corner and it's positive direction go down to the bottom. I would like to use picture control to draw map for my robot project, but I would like to display as a normal coordinator system which mean vertical positive direction is go up and origin start at bottom left corner. I am trying to shift the origin and swap all y value. I wonder if there is better way than this. Regards, Thang Nguyen
  12. Thomas, Could you please take a screenshot of the part where you do this in TS? Regards, Thang Nguyen
  13. I am using TestStand 2010 so if this information is not correct for later version, please help me remove this topic. In TestStand, when there is a step does not run because of previous condition step like "If", the status of that step will be left as empty. This returns a clear visual affect, in debugging, that this step has not run. But if I have a condition step and another step under this condition. If in the first interval this step ran and in the second interval this step didn't run, it still keep the status from the first run interval.If I just put a break point at the begin of the loop and click play instead of go through each step, I will think that these step ran in the second interval. Should it be better if there is a flag or something indicates that this step did not run at all? Regards, Thang Nguyen
  14. @ininitenothing: I would like to fit the plane not the boundary. Thanks.
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