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  1. Hi all, This is my first contribution to LavaG, so feel free to give me your feedback on this toolkit.
  2. Name: Mesulog XML toolkit Submitter: Micael Submitted: 27 Jun 2012 File Updated: 27 Jun 2012 Category: *Uncertified* LabVIEW Version: 2011 License Type: BSD (Most common) Mesulog XML Toolkit Copyright © 2012, Mesulog (http://www.mesulog.fr) All rights reserved. Set of VIs to perform Data <=> XML conversions - Save data into an XML file - Read data from an XML file - Get XML string from data - get data from XML String Depends on the following packages: oglib_variantconfig oglib_error oglib_lvdata oglib_string Click here to download this file
  3. Hi all, Did anyone manage to backsave the addon to LV8.6 ? I tried, but it seems more complicated than just a "save for previous version"... Thanks
  4. Hi ! I just wanted to say this package was great, but I noticed a bug in the "Get All Objects" function. In the case structure testing "Class name" enum, the case for <"Structure".."EventStructure", "Sequence", "ForLoop" > should contain "While Loop" too, so objects inside a while loop are listed. Micaël.
  5. QUOTE (neB @ Apr 24 2008, 02:09 PM) Thanks for your help. I managed to do a search for a specific variable using its connector name. The problem is that I used the property node "App:All VIs in memory" to list the vis to search in, so I need to put the search VI inside the project where I want to find the variables. Do you know a way to list all VIs in memory for my computer instead of the application? Micaël.
  6. Hi all, I'm new to LAVA, and I am looking for a way to search shared variable nodes inside the VIs block diagrams, just the way you can search for all instances of a subVI by right-clicking on it or using Ctrl-F. For instance I downloaded The "scripting tools" library, and it seems that it could be useful. I someone has already done something similar, or has any suggestions, they will be welcome. Thanks in advance (and sorry for my english). Micaël.
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