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  1. QUOTE (MikaelH @ Mar 5 2009, 04:32 PM) Mikael I will have to check and see that everything is getting copied , I should have mentioned that I am using LV 8.6.1. I am not explicitly calling any external DLL's or .NET stuff. In the past I have never had any issues with Classes and building the project into a stand alone app. But , since the customer is coming in to see this next week Murphy struck :-( Dan
  2. I have a project that runs just fine in the development environment , but , once I build it into a stand alone app it throws a dialog box with about 35 302208 errors (see attached). This project uses Classes , DAQmx , Report Generation Toolkit (Excel) and some RS232 stuff. I have mass compiled the project , removed any bad files , fixed dependency errors that I saw , rebuilt the project but it still throws these errors , any suggestions ? there isn't to much on the NI website. Dan
  3. QUOTE (Neville D @ Oct 23 2008, 12:37 PM) Neville Well the problem here is that I work in the Auto industry and with the current state of that sector of the economy we are under a spending freeze for the time being. I cant give you actual numbers but we are way down on our budgeted income/profit for this year , all i will say is there are LOTS of zeros and more than one comma in our shortfall this is also a side project so i would have no chance of acquiring the IMAQ/Vision stuff at this time, and JPEG is the only format the camera has so it is what i am dealing with. as i said i have a
  4. QUOTE (TobyD @ Oct 23 2008, 11:26 AM) Toby that basically what i am currently doing , i need to work on how i do the comparison and the percent change , i was hoping maybe others have already gone down this road and could head me in the right direction.... Thanks Dan
  5. I have a web cam that FTP's an image every 5 seconds , I need to process these images to see if anyone is in the lab. I tried inverting one of the images and adding them together , but there are too many changes. the web cam is mounted to an I-beam which does move very slightly so there are always little changes , i have a very crude method that cuts down on the number of images i save but i still get many images with no real changes. I don’t not have any of the NI Vision or IMAQ toolkits and wont be getting them. Anyone have any ideas on how I can process these images more effectively ? Than
  6. QUOTE (Aristos Queue @ Sep 5 2008, 09:53 AM) Just downloaded the presentation , I wish I could have been there to see it in person.... looking forward to working my way through it , also glad to see you/NI adopted Matt's book.... Thanks for all the work !! Dan
  7. QUOTE (Norm Kirchner @ Sep 3 2008, 02:04 PM) Cool , any help would be greatly appreciated......... Dan
  8. I have been playing around just a little bit with web services (LV 8.6). I have just started looking into Adobe Flex 3 , is anyone utilizing the web services to display/control apps ? are there any good examples around , i have only run across the web services demo from NI so far and am trying to work my way through it... thanks Dan
  9. QUOTE (sandesh @ Aug 29 2008, 08:28 AM) if you really need to see the code , send it to me (if it isn't too large) and I will bring it up to a version that can be opened with 8.5 and send it back.... send it to n8dcj@yahoo.com Dan
  10. QUOTE (TobyD @ Aug 13 2008, 12:57 PM) Toby yep i has to be 1.1 , the hubs that are 2.0 seem to lock up the devices attahced to them , they are a convoluted device that is using a usb mouse driver to transfer data , and not doing it very well , we located a 1.1 hub and it seems to be working much better.... Dan
  11. I know this is an odd request , but , does someone know where we may be able to find a USB hub with at least 6 ports that is USB version 1.1.... We don't have time for Ebay etc... need to locate one and have it in hand by Friday (8/15) morning .... Thanks Dan
  12. QUOTE (Tim_S @ Aug 7 2008, 01:27 PM) Yep , these are a little larger ....they are 20 KVA amps and 4000 lbf shakers , although not that large in the vibration business... i am now wondering about the drive , since when you enable the modules it automatically centers the armature and holds it there , so they may be doing a VFD type drive... Dan
  13. QUOTE (AnalogKid2DigitalMan @ Aug 7 2008, 11:11 AM) well i did some quick FFT stuff on the data i took and it just shows up as random white noise , i still have to check and make sure i got the analysis stuff correct. I think its the strong electrical/magnetic fields around the shaker that is causing the issues , the amp is about 15 feet away , but the shaker is right there obviously since the DUT's have to be attached to it to shake .... the Amp is an LDS SPAK20 and the shaker is an LDS V850-240. Dan
  14. QUOTE (Tim_S @ Aug 6 2008, 05:03 PM) Tim one thing i need to make clear is that i am not trying to control the shaker with the card , just take some data off of our devices on test... as far as the cables are concerned they are shielded twisted pair with the shileds connectd to ground at one end. I have always been a firm believer in single point grounds hence the reason i have tied everything together at one point. I can try connecting both ends to ground once to see what happens. also i am not sure i made it clear that the noise appears only after i enable the modules on the amplifier ,
  15. QUOTE (Neville D @ Aug 6 2008, 04:11 PM) Neville Yep noise on all channels , but , i will ground all the others anyhow , using shielded cables , no chance of rewiring the amplifier as it is 480V 3 Phase... i had thoght about measuring the nosie and subtracting as you mention , i will have to look into that idea a little more... usually i have pretty good luck fixing noise issues , but , this one is not playing nice... Thanks Dan
  16. QUOTE (Neville D @ Aug 6 2008, 03:25 PM) Neville "Hopefully you are using a differential AI channel referenced to ground? " ..... Yep.... I currently have 6 channels to monitor , but , in the near future it could be as many as 20 , at the current time I doubt i can purchase any more equipment , it seems that gas prices have had some financial impact on our business (auto industry) , imagine that ..... so for the time being i will have to use what we have already... Dan
  17. I have to run some tests on our vibration setup that require some basic data acquisition , however , once I turn the amplifier on (not even shaking) I get about 50mv of noise on my signal. normally this wouldnt be an issue for us since we are just looking for a DUT to open , but , in this case it is an issue. I have bonded all the equipment grounds together along with the vibration controller , amplifier , shaker and thermal chamber , used shielded cables , lots of averaging of the acquired signals , using differential inputs , but , nothing I do seems to make much difference. I have also trie
  18. We have an issue here where I dont have all the info but am hoping that maybe someone has some idea what might be going on , we have an ActiveX control that is written by a third party vendor who doesnt know LabVIEW. This driver uses mouse calls to talk to 24 USB devices , the issue is that when it is used in VB or VBA in Excel it works fine and is very fast , but , in LV it works but takes very long to return , longer than 300ms per USB device , so as you add more devices it gets slower and slower and slower.... We put the VI into the DAQ thread and it made no difference , if you put it in th
  19. QUOTE (Gavin Burnell @ May 14 2008, 04:26 PM) Well what i did was within the DD vi i wanted displayed in the sub panel is this...
  20. can a DD vi be inserted into a sub panel ??? thanks Dan Well , never mind I answered my own question ..... as usual i figure it out AFTER i send off a request .... Dan
  21. Does anyone have a simple example of implementing By Ref using a LV2 Global ? thanks Dan
  22. QUOTE(ASTDan @ Dec 29 2007, 09:38 AM) here is one source , remember keep repeating to yourself GOOGLE IS MY FRIEND ;-) http://www.asciitable.com/ Have Fun Dan
  23. QUOTE(ASTDan @ Dec 28 2007, 03:01 PM) well on windows you can hold down the ALT key then using the keypad enter the ascii code for the character you want , if remember correctly the degree is ALT-167 .... Dan
  24. QUOTE(water @ Dec 23 2007, 11:39 PM) well first off make sure he serial port is configured properly... make sure you can connect using their PC interface software , i have only used it with the RCP2 controller , but , usually the problem is a comm problem or the Unit Number is set wrong... Dan
  25. QUOTE(Tomi Maila @ Dec 18 2007, 12:16 PM) Hmmmm..... Dont seem to have that one here , maybe it was installed with a toolkit ???? Dan
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