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  1. Little late but I have been using this https://www.ubackup.com/ Seems to work. I have it back up to my NAS.
  2. Is there any beginner guides, Training material or any thing other than a 2 minute video for LabVIEW NXG?
  3. Yes I talked with a marketing person at NI. Due to the change to May for NI week they are not doing NI days 2016. She did say NI days will be back for 2017.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! I too have found maintaining a test library to be cumbersome. However I have to test my code somehow... Why not try to automate the tests I have created anyway... That was the idea in creating the unit tester. 1. Instead of creating a VI for every test with a pass/fail which you then scour for that indicator Look at "hooking" the actual VIs front panel controls' (there is an example on here I posted a long, long time ago) and comparing against expected values and limits. This will move the "pass/fail" into a single test harness VI, much like a plug-in load
  5. I have used JKI unit tester. I found that to be slow as well. I looked at JKI Caraya. I was working on mine at the time... I had an idea on how I wanted to do Unit Tests and I made a tool for it. So far it is working well for me. I was wondering if there was anyone else out there who would benefit from my cludgy way of thinking.
  6. Hello, I developed a simple and quick unit tester. My reason for developing this was NI's unit test framework is way to slow. Here is the download on the NI community site https://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/ast-unit-tester?view=overview I also included a VI Package file Any feedback would be appreciated Thanks automated_software_technology_lib_ast_unit_tester-
  7. I upgraded to Windows 10 I like the backup program better, Windows 10 boots faster. I turned off updates, disabled tiles on the start menu. I have noticed too that pining something to the start menu is nebulous. I had trouble with my scanner driver. I had to strip it off with on external tool and reinstall it. After that it worked fine. LabVIEW seems to work OK. I was able to create a virtual machine with Oracle Virtual box much easier than windows 7. So its still windows just newer...
  8. Err on quoting high. You can always come down. Customers don't like it when you go up in price. When I started out I found I was underbidding myself. I would have an optimistic estimate on the time the project would take. Among the things to take into account when determining your time is Prototyping the UI, writing requirements, software testing, debug, and support. I have found I spend 1/3 in requirements, design, prototype, 1/3 programming, and 1/3 testing debug. Just taking programming time you will off by a factor of 3. Good Luck!
  9. I like Tom's book. I would recommend it. I have made a list of recommended books on my website if you are interested. http://www.autosofttech.net/resources/library-1#Books
  10. You could use a Current Transducer. I like these http://www.crmagnetics.com/Products/Split-Core-Transducers/CR4410S I don't know if the sensor will be fast enough for you application but take a look.
  11. Got my Ticket. Looking forward to seeing everybody
  12. I tried using a high pass filter and achieved some interesting results. I will be using real data soon, I will let everyone know the results I get. Thanks
  13. Hello, I am trying to develop an algorithm that counts the amplitude of AC "events" (see attached screen shot) In the graph there are 3 events. Does anybody have any idea on how to detect this? Thanks Dan
  14. Here is mine. The thing to be careful is not use characters that operating systems don't like i.e. "/" I use this to create a data/time stamp for a file name. This guarantees a unique file name
  15. Because the customer wants one... Usually the Dell desktop works fine. The question to ask is what type of environment will the PC be in? If the environment is oily or dusty and not temperature and humidity controlled an industrial PC might be a better choice. Just look at the specs of the PC. If it is designed for the environment you are good to go. I usually don't like supplying PC's. I have found companies' IT departments have PC's they like and are comfortable with. IT departments can get nervous when you put a computer not blessed by them. Another issue is when there are computer
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