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  1. Hi, I' have a plan to use USB6009 + ULN2803 driver card for switching the relays. (It means using Digital Output from USB6009 and interfacing with ULN2803 driver card, to switch the relays) Now i changed my plan not to use USB 6009 and looking for possibilities of using parallel port instead of USB6009. (It means i want to use parallel port to give TTL output and i will give it to ULN2803 driver card to drive the relays). Is anybody give me advises - how to use parallel port for my application (switching relays), i will be very grateful. Please clear my doubt that can't we access parallel port in Windows XP? Many forums specify that we can only access the in Windows 98 only. Is it true? Thank you friends! Please forgive me that i have very poor knowledge in Parallel port.
  2. Hello ShaunR , //Isnt it "*IDN?" (without quotes)// You are right. After using the termination charecter it is working for me. Thank you very much for your help.
  3. Hi, I connected an instrument (Power meter) through GPIB. I can see that instrument in MAX. i.e the MAX is showing the GPIB address. but the same time it says that the device is not responding for *IDE? command. based on the instrument manual i tried various commands but it is not responding for any command. any idea what went wrong?
  4. Dear Friends, I'm involving electronics manufacturing service test department. I have a project to test a DUT for 5 different parameters (all are volatges.I have taken care of signal conditioning and sampling freq ..etc before feeding to DAQ.) I decided to use AI0,AI1,AI2,AI3 and AI4 for data acquisition. All 5 measurements are different minimum and maximum voltage levels. that is.. the expected middle value and tolerance is different for different 5 measurements. I don't want to use the minimum maximum values to be fixed inside my program. a simple text file containig all required middle and tolerances should do the work. so how i can make my program to read the text file consisting the middle and tolrance values for 5 different acquisition? example: lets say at AI0 i'm acquiring an anlalog input. lets say my text file contains AI0 vALUE: 5 v tol: 5% when i execute my prgram , it has to measure AI0 and then verify whether the measurement will fall in between 4.75 and 5.25. if yes the DUT is pass. same way i have to go for AI1,AI2,AI3,AI4. so the question is what program technique i have to use so that my program will read required info from a text file? (i will give access for users to this file. so users will not go inside the program for changing the values in future) Any example program or some hints will be very helpful for me. thanks to all.
  5. Sorry! i posted this question in wrong category. excuse me!
  6. Hi, I have a measuring instrument which measures Voltage and power..It has RS232 interface. My idea is to get the data what it measures and save that measurement in a spreadsheet file. I have the below items with me. 1. Instrument having rs 232 interface. 2.I got the Instrument drivers compatible with LabVIEW (I want to know how to install the instrument drivers. The manufacturer of the measuring device gave me some VIs and they say, those VIs are the instrument drivers) 3.RS 232 Cable ( 1:1 config). 4.A PC installed with LabVIEW+serial ports. 5.From the instrument manufacturer manual i noted down the commands ( the commands which reads the measurements) Now you guys help to share any link explains how to get the data (measurement) from an instrument through rs232 something similiar of my project. I know this is basic question but please help me. thanks.
  7. In my application i'm passing a nuemeric data. Range of the data (Integer) is between 0 to 23. i want the data in two digits like 01.02,03...20,21,22,23. (by default the nuemeric control starts with 0,1,2,3...21.22,23... ) How can i send data starts with 0 for single digit numbers like 01,02,03,,09? Thx.
  8. Hi Friends, Recently i bought a PC which is having only one PCI slot. Others are PCExpress slots. But i want to use few PCI compatible NI hardware same time. Is there any hardware available in tha market like a adopter which can give more PCI Slots for my computer? otherwise any idea how to convert PCExpress slot to PCI slot? Thanks. Regards, Jai
  9. Hello All, As i'm very much interested in Learning Labview (I'm a Beginner!),i found a website that gives online learning videos. The website is "http://www.fafiles.com/".They are mentioned that if we pay the money then we will view their online videos for learning. Questions:- 1.Any body have any experience about this service? 2.Is this a trust source for learning? 3.If anybody who used this source, please advice me ...shall i go ahead or not? Thank You very much! Regards, Jaikanth
  10. JayKay

    MAX and NI-DAQmx

    Dear Sirs, I'm very new to Labview. I have few basic questions.They are as follows:- 1.What is MAX (Measurement and automation explorer)? (From this i can notice the instruments which are connected through GPIB!) 2.Can this MAX can show me the instruments list which are connected RS232,USB..ETC. also? 3.Why we need to install MAX separately? 4.what are the features it has for us? 4.What are the difficulties we will face without MAX? 5.What is NI-DAQmx and how we can differentiate from MAX? Note: I have 8.5 Version of Labview! Thank you very much for reading and help me to understand! Cheers! Jaikanth
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