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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I am looking for a paid or free course online for LabVIEW instrument control that covers topic like communication protocols, RS232. GPIB etc. Can anyone suggest a good one. Thank You. Govind
  2. Hi, I'm designing RS232 using pxie-8100 RT. is the rs232 design and configuration is different between Labview RT and regular Labview ? cause the same rs232 design doesn't work on the RT labview...
  3. I am able to read HEX file into Labview using read from Text file..I am getting data into labview in terms of string. Problem => Now i want to load this HEX file into microcontroller using VISA-rs232 .Is it require to further conversion or i can load HEX file(in form of string) directly into microcontroller ? rs232.vi
  4. Hi everyone, New on this site, new to Labview, new to RS232 and actually new to pretty much everything! Hope I'm not posting in the wrong section... I feel a bit out of place anyway to be posting among experts but well, for lack of a better place... So here's the context of my problems : I'm trying to set up a (crude) acquisition system based on an arduino and a couple of multiplexers / Thermocouple conditionners. My arduino is sending via its own USB-RS232 converter a string of all the values (approx. 20) as characters. I figured out I could use Labview to do a nice display
  5. Hi there I have the above PXI card and I was wondering if could be used to measure Serial lines and decode ASCII/Binary/HEX for example....... Or will I need another comm port. Thanks, James
  6. Hi, I need to control up to 32 serial port devices (RS232) using Labview. Can any body recommend a product that will do this? I have been looking at Terminal Servers (e.g. http://www.perle.com/products/Terminal-Server.shtml) Does anybody know if I can use this device with Labview to access each RS232 device.(NB: I can currently access each device using TeraTerm). The recommended retail price for a 16port unit is £800. Can anybody suggest a cheaper solution? Thanks in advance. Cheers Ian
  7. Hi all, I new on forum and on LabView. I have some problem when send the sms to modem over rs232. In my condition, send sms is weight greater then (box) ex. 50kg and mesured value is 60kg. I received sms that is 50,11kg , every time receive the value greater of condition is, this is only when put some weight on load cell. Second case when the weight is present on load cell, then start the program the sms is around the final value. I just want to receive sms, only the final value. The problem is because the measured output iserted avtomatic in sms (format into string) no wait to stabilize
  8. Hi, I have a measuring instrument which measures Voltage and power..It has RS232 interface. My idea is to get the data what it measures and save that measurement in a spreadsheet file. I have the below items with me. 1. Instrument having rs 232 interface. 2.I got the Instrument drivers compatible with LabVIEW (I want to know how to install the instrument drivers. The manufacturer of the measuring device gave me some VIs and they say, those VIs are the instrument drivers) 3.RS 232 Cable ( 1:1 config). 4.A PC installed with LabVIEW+serial ports. 5.From the instrument manufacturer manu
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