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  1. I have done the same in my master thesis project and found a solution! Use a "array to cluster" and set manualy the cluster size by a right click to the function block. Than adapt the function call to "adapt to type" and pass the pointer or handle! /Sebastian
  2. Hi! I think it is a hysteresis!! Isn't it? /Sebastian
  3. hello everybody, in my thesis project i try to build a generic SubVI that analyze an existing cluster and the bundled datatypes and translate any datatype into a string so that we can write the items of an multibox list. (required an 2-D-array of strings). If the data structure of the cluster well known, than it is easy to do it with a case structure and different convertations. I am wonder if it is possible to read a cluster an analyze the datatype to make a decision witch type of convertation we have to choose. We try to create so to say a more generic solution. I am looking forward to you
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