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  1. Hi, I've been looking for a while now, but I can't seem to find any rod type linear actuators with labview drivers made. I was wondering if anyone knows any distributors that provide actuators (with a stroke length of at least 30cm) with drivers made for labview. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I am very new to labview as I just got 8.5, so I apologize if I seem rather unkowledgable, because I am . When I try to run Siva's WebcamDemo.vi the live window works fine, but when I try to snap, I get error 16 at Read BMP Header Info.vi It says: Possible reason(s): Labview: Image not found I think it is something wrong with the file im inputting rather than the vi since the error comes up once input pases through the Set File Position function within the Read BMP Header Info.vi The path I selected to store the BMP file was a BMP file that I created (an empty file). Am I doi
  3. Hi all, I just got LabView 8.5 to do some image acquisition and processing for a summer research job i'm doing. I would like to acquire some images via webcam, but when I go to the NI website to download the NI-IMAQ USB drivers, the link provided doesnt work (imaq_usb_installer_setup.exe file), so i cant even download it let alone install it. Is anyone else having this issue and can anyone provide me with a link to where I could download it? Thanks
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