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  1. QUOTE (sam @ Sep 10 2008, 10:09 PM) Nice ideas.. Thank you. http://lavag.org/old_files/monthly_09_2008/post-12065-1221083262.jpg' target="_blank"> [
  2. QUOTE (sam @ Sep 10 2008, 05:25 PM) How do I fix it? Thank you, Alex
  3. Using Logitech QuickCamPro 9000 -- have problem with quality of the outputted pictures 1) Using Logitech QuickCamPro 9000 2) Created VIs (attached as QCP9000.ScreenCapture.zip) SMU_Driver.zip 3) Take a look on: "QCP9000 Snapshot.vi" -- When using this VI the outputted picture are of corrupted quality See attached: "QCP9000 - picture.from.VI.JPG" -- while actual WebCam picture is crystal clear. See attached: "QCP9000 - picture.from.WebCam.JPG" I don't know what I have done wrong in my "QCP9000 Snapshot.vi". Please let me have your expert feedback or ideas for improvement.
  4. Keep receiving "Sorry, some required files are missing, if you intended to view a topic, it's possible that it's been moved or deleted. Please go back and try again" when attempt to download VIs from posts 1 & 2 or open pictures.. Would like to have these VIs.. looks soo interesting. Thanks, Alex
  5. QUOTE (atyab @ Aug 26 2008, 11:59 AM) Please let me know if you were able to find these VIs Examples. I have similar chalanges of trying to incorporate WebCam into LabView. Have a need for: 1) Taking Pictures; 2) Processing pictures with OCR for texts extraction outputed as string. Thank you, Alex http://energyray.com
  6. Test Stand 4.0 -- Better Reporting question Have LabView & Test Stand sequenced project where I have to deal with 100K of tests results. Native Test STand reporting is not really friendly or helpful in analyzing such huge volumes of tests results. Question: Has anyone had any experience with Test Stand reporting -- what type of Test Stand reporting do you use? Any examples would be helpful. Wonder if anyone has SQL DB Reporting repository with IIS WebPortal & Crystal Report Web AcrtiveX for letting anyone in intranet visit Webpages and query any flavor of the tests results reports.
  7. QUOTE (mballa @ Aug 1 2008, 08:14 PM) This is super nice.. Thank you !!!! http://energyray.com
  8. QUOTE (rolfk @ Aug 1 2008, 09:19 AM) As posted before, already found some of the basic Windows API examples from NI.com. The AutoIt is useless when someone have to deal with 100s of different interactions... would you really prefer to fire array of 100s of executables created in AutoIt instead of robust LLB with VIs using actual Windows API "hooks" controlling 3rd party application? As for not using LabView statement: In scope of any complex LabView implementation there is a BIG benefit from using 3rd party applications to supplement LabView coverage. In my case I implemented hooks into
  9. QUOTE (JDave @ Jul 31 2008, 10:45 PM) Yes there is a reason.. The LabView project I work with executes millions of the software / hardware tests and adding Windows API interfacing ability to "hook" into another 3rd party (C++) application will let me enhance already existing test coverage by reusing another application's functionality... Using AutoIt will not be as elegant or as fast because of the big number of buttons I will have to interact with ... expect on average to click 1-3 million of buttons every 24 hours.. Direct interfacing from LabView by the use of Windows API will let me d
  10. QUOTE (westjlittle @ Jul 31 2008, 10:16 PM) The question was HOW to interact with 3rd party application's Front-End GUI directly from LabView (from VI file) by the use of Windows API.. TestComplete is another test automation tool similar to AutoIt or QTP.. This is not what I was looking for...
  11. QUOTE (iowa @ Jul 22 2008, 04:21 AM) Any news or new feedback/ideas for this thread? I could really use working VI example which uses Windows API to control Windows Calculator.. Please ???
  12. QUOTE (mballa @ Jul 22 2008, 04:50 AM) Found this: Windows API Function Utilities (32-bit) for LabVIEW[/size]http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/epd/p/id/4935 These VIs make calls to the Windows Application Programming Interface (API) for managing and controlling windows (minimize, maximize, move, resize, rename, close, etc); managing applications (run application, quit application, print file, etc); adding and removing network resources; keyboard filtering; and system utilities (mouse cursor position, windows path, screen resolution, system path, etc). These VIs are intended for use only on 3
  13. QUOTE (MikaelH @ Jul 21 2008, 10:52 PM) I tried it already BUT it is balky and consumes run time. I would like to have more elegant solution of using Windows API to emulate Clicks/Keyboard thus driving C++ test application directly from LabView. Still hope for Simple LabView WinAPI Example: such as code example of working with Calculator from LabView.. Thank you, Alex http://energyray.com - my collection of QA Tools
  14. QUOTE (Omar Mussa @ Jul 21 2008, 07:24 PM) I seen this NI.com article before.. I am looking for actual VI examples.. Used QTP to automate my testing before (same idea of using 3rd party applications to do the actual testing and all controlled from QTP).. Now trying to convert to using LabView and interfacing with 3rd party C++ applications by faking user actions (clicks/keyboard) is critical. Looking for examples.. Thank you!
  15. Question: Is it possible to control applications run in windows XP from LabView, by emulating buttons clicks, reading visible text etc.. is it at all possible? I have our own C++ application used in embedded testing, instead of rewriting all functionality in LabView wanted to use originally created C++ application by hooking to Windows API and simulating buttons clicks driven by LabView as well as reading data from this C++ application (by LabView). Please help. Thank you,Alex[/size]
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