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  1. Thank-you. QUOTE (Antoine Châlons @ Feb 3 2009, 12:47 PM)
  2. I have a quick question about calling windows adjust time and date panel. how do you do it?
  3. Required Functionality Numeric background colours goes yellow when you click into it. Then as you edit the value it goes red if the number is too high or too low. Then press Enter. Background colour goes green. and stays green until the diagram reads the value. (which depends on the speed and activity in the loop) when the value has been commited the colour returns to default.
  4. QUOTE (Norm Kirchner @ Jul 28 2008, 09:47 PM) Could be. the point stands for any UI
  5. QUOTE (neB @ Jul 28 2008, 08:58 PM) how do you know where the cursor is a the start? or how much of the original value has been highlighted? I hear you but I really want to show the operator that the number that they are trying to enter is out of range. I want as few key presses as possible.
  6. I'm not sure that I know the event for reading the numeric before the value has been commited to the diagram. does it exist... Say the limit for your numeric is 100 and you highlight the last zero and replace with 94859485. how do you read that value?
  7. I can see that the value of the last button press is available in an event but where is the cursor. (and therefore you don't know what the value is) I take your point that strings might be the best way to do it in LabVIEW. (but is it the only way?) So how do I make my string look and behave just like a numeric. or perhaps I should stop using numerics altogether?
  8. err... That sounds lame
  9. Doesn't this rely on pressing the enter button or moving the mouse a clicking off the numeric. I want it to change colour as I type the number in.
  10. I have a question for you. How do you change the background colour of a numeric control based on the value of the control as you enter the data. I want the control to change colour when the value of the entered data is outside the coerc range. when the data is within the range I would like to know that the value I have typed is going to be accepted before I move the mouse off the control or press enter.
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