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  1. QUOTE (liuman @ Sep 19 2008, 11:25 AM) Hello there. One way to be sure that you are sending the right information on serial port is to use a serial sniffer. You can easily find one by googling "Free serial sniffer". There are 2 reasons why your instrument is not responding to the commands you are sending: 1- You did not correctly set your serial settings (baud rate, data bits, parity, stop bit, termination character,...) 2- You are not sending a valid command. Either points can be validated by using the VB software and a serial sniffer to see the correct command to send and the co
  2. QUOTE (Dan DeFriese @ Aug 22 2008, 12:29 PM) This is a very useful feature indeed. Don't need those DVDs anymore because of this feature! Just a small disclaimer though. This feature will simply copy the DVD's installation files to your harddrive. Basically, building your exe will be easier but you will have to have enough disk space to store the driver installation files to your hard drive. Yvan
  3. QUOTE (iowa @ Aug 7 2008, 11:41 PM) Hi there alex. After working a full year on a pretty big TestStand project I can say that the HTML reports are very nice but are very hard to customize. To customize them you need some knowledge on web progromming such as xslt style sheets, xml, html, javascript,... The results can be realy impresive but you might need some help to get to what you need if you are not used to web programming. That said, this is only a static html reporting tool. If what you need is to be able to make different types of analysis on the data, you might want to think abo
  4. Hello everybody. I tried searching on the NI and lava sites and came up empty. I was simply wondering if anybody tested LabVIEW 8.5.1 on Windows XP Service Pack 3? And my question to those that have tried it... did everything go smoothly? I often use DAQmx, VISA, 488.2 (All latest versions) and also TestStand 4.0.1. So basically, I would like to read good and bad experiences that people have had with this service pack and NI software/hardware. Thanks, Yvan
  5. I just upgrade our MySQL server from 4.0.13 to 5.0.18 and the bug has disapeared. This is the only problem I have seen with version 4. At least this problem forced me to upgrade faster and it didn't take nearly as much time as I thought it would. Thanks for the help guys. Yvan
  6. Here is the code sample: Sorry for the quality of the picture but if you download it on your hard drive the quality seems to be better for some odd reason? I'll try to install MySQL 5.0 on my local machine to see if it makes a difference. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks for the response Michael. I actually used code very similar to the one you posted with the difference that I used the "Rec Fetch String Data ®.vi to get the response instead of the Fetch Recordset Data ®.vi. But even using the code you posted, I still get the bug. You can only see this bug if you have a data type definition that is more than 40 characters long. So for a data type such as int(11) there is no problem but for a datatype such as an enum with 4 elements for instance: enum('element1','element2','element3','element4') then, the bug appears and only returns the following c
  8. This bug is probably a problem related to ADODB. Here is my problem. I
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