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  1. I just had a look at the specs of the USB-6008. A couple of things to be aware of. The digital outputs have an open drain configuration, meaning they can be configured to either source or sink current. If you want to see a voltage at the pin, you need to activate the internal pullup resistor. This will allow the port to come up to your internal USB voltage rail when activated. I thing the USB 6009 allows 3.3V as an option, but the USB 6008 only provides a 5V output. Have a look at pages 22~24 in the manual.... http://www.ni.com/pdf/manuals/371303k.pdf Bear in mind, that with the intern
  2. G'day from the Land Down Under.... I only just found this forum.... and I've been a part time LabVIEW user since the Pioneer version almost 20 years ago. :headbang: I am a hardware engineer, and my position has evolved into a mechatronics role, incorportaing mechanical, electronic and computing systems. I love electronic hardware and mechanical design using tools such as Protel and Solidworks, and I used to love LabVIEW. I work in one of Australia's top sports institutes and have built equipment and developed apps using LabVIEW for research in sport science, determining the physiolo
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