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    Robotics, Neural networks, Music synthesis, speech synthesis, electronic music

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CRO at Stadoko UG, a german Satelites manufacturer

Chief Research Officer (CRO) at STADOKO UG, the German space technology start-up Enterprise-Company, located in Aachen. My current responsibilities are is the supervision of all research activities at Stadoko UG which also includes for instance, the design and development of possible applications as well as the supervision, the design and performance of the tests of our developments including the quality assurance. Last but not least, i am actively involved in the development and programming of the human interface device of the Wren Mission Control Center and the Wren satellite simulator in LabVIEW2011. The WREN Orbiter mission has been delayed by the Russians and is now scheduled for launch on Apr. 2013 at Dombarowski Cosmodrome in Jasny, Orenburg Russia.

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