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  1. QUOTE QUOTE ( @ Mar 21 2008, 12:55 PM) And it isn't in LabVIEW either until you make it not maximized. That's what I thought too, until No.1 posted his problem. I converted his .bmp file to LV code (using v8.2, PC) and found that as long as the Resizable property is set to False, the maximized window can be moved**. It doesn't really even appear to be maximized because the thin border is still displayed all around, and when the program is stopped, the title bar symbol (whatever it is called) indicates not-maximized. This appears to be more of a "FP.SizeToScreen" mode as in v6. When Resizable is set to True, maximize works as expected**. **except sometimes the first time it is run after changing Resizeable from T to F or from F to T! Download File:post-133-1206136701.vi
  2. QUOTE (No.1 @ Mar 19 2008, 08:25 PM) Although it may not be desirable to you, one way is to hide the title bar, either by setting the "Title Bar Visible" property to false, or by unchecking "Window has title bar" in the VI properties.
  3. QUOTE (wiggie @ Mar 17 2008, 12:00 PM) I may be missing the point of your question, but the following subvi allows the user to select an item from the passed-in "Listbox". If this is not what you are asking, please elaborate.
  4. QUOTE(lizimunro @ Feb 27 2008, 05:19 PM) I don't know why that should happen. But you should be able to determine if the reading is taking a long time with a breakpoint before and after the Visa Read. Also put a probe on the Visa Read error-out wire to see if there are any errors (ignore warnings that there may be more chars available). You should be able to track down the problem source with judicious use of breakpoints and probes. (As a side note, it seems odd that you are sending the "Radio Selection Code" (F,V, or P) twice, but maybe that is necessary.)
  5. QUOTE(lizimunro @ Feb 26 2008, 06:37 AM) Your "Time Improving.vi" seems to work fine on my pc (within .2 seconds of the requested time), but I of course don't have the same serial stream as you do. Have you been watching the error codes to make sure things are working well and not timing out, which would add 10 seconds with the default timeout. Other than that I don't see what could be adding the extra seconds.
  6. QUOTE(tcplomp @ Feb 14 2008, 04:28 AM) Thanks a lot. I was wiring the wrong type into the "to more specific class" function.
  7. Say I have a cluster of 4 boolean leds in a cluster on a front panel. Can I programmatically change the color of the individual booleans (without changing the T/F value). If so, how? Thanks.
  8. I recently became unemployed and decided to have some fun with LabVIEW in my spare time, because it has given me much fun in the past. The attached vi is an idea for a multipurpose front panel (pattern). This one is proportioned such that two could be stacked on a screen. Don't know if there are other front panel patterns (fpp's) available but it seems like a interesting topic to me. best regards, Jon
  9. QUOTE(ned @ Oct 3 2007, 07:47 AM) Thanks. I'll give that a try. Jon
  10. Does anyone have a DAQmx example or description for setting DIO lines (eg, NI6225M) at runtime - some lines to outputs and some to inputs. I have done this with the old Daq "Port Configure" vi but am having trouble determining how to do it with DAQmx. Thank you. Jon
  11. These are interesting. How do you turn them off? (See desktop snapshot) What can not be seen from the snapshot is that -- all three(!) throbbers are still throbbing even though "throbber.vi" is not running anymore and I have tried to close the "wait dialog with shadow". -- if i move the Lava screen, the "wait dialog with shadow" front panel and stop button move with it. -- if i move the block diagram, its throbber moves with it. I also don't know how the throbber got onto the block diagram. If I delete the block diagram and then open it again, the throbber is still there. I don't know why or how these things are happening, but it is interesting. And it's not even close to April 1.
  12. QUOTE(jbrohan @ Aug 7 2007, 03:42 AM) John, I am attaching the image. The only difference between the True and False cases is that "File Path" is connect in the False case. Also, I have slightly updated the version to allow for a file pattern and start path for the dialog. Jon
  13. QUOTE(orko @ Aug 6 2007, 11:23 AM) Sorry. It's just a wrapper around wait ms, with error terminals for easier dataflow connection. It's trivial, but I'll include it for completeness. Thanks. Jon
  14. I found a way to do what I needed. I am attaching the vi in case it can be of use to anyone else. It calls Windows functions (Windows>System32>user32.dll) so that the file dialog presented by the Open_Create_Replace File function is viewed in the user-specified mode (eg, details, icons, thumbnails, etc) , instead of always "list"mode. The calling sequence is the same as for the Open/Create/Replace File function, with the added parameter "View Type", whose value is ring selectable. Thanks to all who replied. Jon
  15. Is there a way to open a file dialog in Windows 'details' mode, preferably sorted by date? It seems that I have done this before (on a different pc) although I may be imagining it. My windows explorer view default is 'details' mode, but that doesn't seem to matter. Thank you.
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