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  1. Dan, How do you handle successive errors? My understanding is that you can only have one dynamic event at a time. Why do you use a shift register on the Event Loop for the Dynamic Event wire? Have you run into issues missing dynamic events? Chris
  2. This year will be my second trip to NI Week and I am definitely looking forward to it. I went to my first NI Week last year and found it to be a little overwelming. I tried to attend as many tech sessions as I could and cram tons of information into the memory bank and naturally I was mentally fried before I knew it. So I thought I would ask... What's the best way to experience NI Week? Is it a good idea to try to take certification exams at NI week? How do you make decisions on which sessions to attend? Any random suggestions or comments?
  3. QUOTE (Omar Mussa @ Jan 7 2009, 03:44 PM) I am accustomed to using ascii files and analyzing data in excel and/or using the Report Generation Toolkit. DIAdem is new to me. I was looking at DIAdem thinking about post test analysis routines and automated Reports. I know that is still general for use cases, but really I was just looking for general opinions regarding DIAdem use. Maybe, when would you use DIAdem and when would you not?
  4. Hello, This post takes me off of the One hit wonder label, so it is certainly fair to say I am new to this site. I am looking for opinions regarding DIAdem. The general consensus I get so far is that it is used a lot outside of the states, but that in the states, Office seems to lead people away from it. (One of our customers is interested in using it.) My initial look at it seems to suggest that it has a lot of functionality, but this seems to be a good place draw opinions from more experienced individuals. So DIAdem? Whaddaya think? Or more specifically, what would your reasons be for NOT using DIAdem? (apologies if this is a "cross-post", I am a newbie to the blogging thing, too) Cheers!
  5. I have attended the Basics I & II and the Intermediate I & II Courses. This spring I received the Advanced I Book. I chose not to go to the Advanced course. My intent is to take the CLA exam next year. I thought the Intermediate Courses were great. They are fast-paced. You should not expect to retain all the material immediately. But by being exposed to so much, you can gain from those experiences later while coding LV. Whether to go to the course probably depends on your experience level. The Intermediate does have some complex exercises for someone who has just passed the CLAD. If this is you, then I would go to the instructor led course because of the hands on help to get you through any bumps. Have you passed the CLD Exam yet? If you have comfortably passed the CLD, then I would consider just getting the books. However, it is nice to get away from work for a week and just focus on learning. I thought I could gain just as much from the Advanced book alone, because the CLA seems to be more conceptual knowledge and overall project management. There aren't as many examples to work out and I have enough LabVIEW programmers around me to bounce ideas off. I would recommend looking through NI's site because they do have a fair amount of info on these courses if you haven't already. Good Luck!
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