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  1. Two door prizes from Arktur Technologies this year. First is the classic text from 2002. Second is a brand new book first published in September 2017 ...
  2. This is a cross-posting from the Bay Area LabVIEW User Group Community Forum : To all Bay Area LabVIEW Developers and Enthusiasts – the 2013 Coding Challenge has been announced on the BALUG February 19 Meeting Problem Statement 1. The Challenge: Provide a low latency/small memory footprint solution to access records in a very large Data Set (i.e. a Lookup Table). Contestants are provided with: 1D array of strings (unique Record Keys) 1D array of record numbers in the Data Set (same size and order as Record Keys) You need to implement 3 Vis toBuild the Lookup Table (Create) Search for a Record Number using Record Key value (Search) Destroy the Lookup Table (Destroy) [*]Winner: a solution providing minimal search times and data memory footprint on a large set of random key searches. [*]Time for Creating/Destroying the Lookup Table is ignored in determining the winner 2. The Grand Challenge: Same as above, but besides Search requests, a solution has to handle Insertion of new (Key, Number) pairs. If Key is already in the Lookup Table its Number value is to be replaced with the new Number value. Deletion of existing (Key, Number) pairs. Test Sequence includes a random mix of Search/Add/Delete requests (33.3% of each). Winner: a solution providing minimal processing time and data memory footprint on a random Test Sequence. Time for Creating/Destroying the Lookup Table is ignored in determining the winner For details on scoring, solution development and submission guidelines please download the full Challenge Announcement from https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-26828 Submission Deadline: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 Coding Challenge Prizes The Grand Challenge Winner:NI : a 50% discount on NI Week 2013 Full Conference Registration Arktur Technologies : A bottle of 2008 Truchard Cabernet Sauvignon, Carneros, Napa Valley The Challenge Winner, 2nd and 3d place winners in both challenges: NI : NI logo items (no details available at the moment) Please respond to this thread if you or your company would like to establish a prize for a specific achievement in this Coding Challenge. Dmitry Sagatelyan Arktur Technologies LLC Bay Area LabVIEW User Group 2013 Coding Challenge Announcement.pdf
  3. I've started a discussion with the same subject on the Actor Framework NI Community Site. You can view the discussion and download ArT_Actors White Paper (Draft) here. It makes sense keeping the thread in a single location - please reply & post on the Actor Framework site. Please find a copy of my original post attached (purely for your convenience ) Cheers, Dmitry --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All, I’ve been recently looking for a cool Messaging Solution for my new OO LabVIEW Framework. Actor Framework seems to be the best thing in town these days – but, out of the box, it does not provide support for some of my [dear] personal programming habits … so I made an effort to create a custom AF extension - but ended up with a somewhat different implementation of the Command Design Pattern. Major deviations from AF3.0 include introducing the notion of Actor API (a new class hierarchy) and splitting Actor class into purely Functional Domain entity (Actor class) and purely Messaging Domain entity (Actor Component class). Please see attached ArT_Actors White Paper Draft for details. It would be quite interesting to know how many of you consider items 1 – 6 (in the Analysis section) important for your projects and to get a crude priority rating for each (Critical| Important | Don’t Care). I would also appreciate getting feedback on the overall design from those, who have time and patience to go through the White Paper Draft (pick 1 or 2 features you like/dislike most). I am arriving in Austin on Sunday, heading back to Bay Area after lunch on Friday. For those going to NI Week - we can get together and discuss the subject in person .
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