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  1. In Labview is it possible to make transperant lable on the front panel like a watermark in the wrod doc. how can I do that. Thanks in advance Ravi
  2. Hi Guys, PLz help me with this, my problem is when i switched to RT it errors out saying " error code 56:The network operation exceeded the user-specified oy system time". I ma using labview 71, simulation tool kit 2.0.2 and labview RT 7.1 Nowrmal desktop simulation runs ok but as soon as switched to RT target I get this error. plz guys help me out.. Thanks in advance Ravi
  3. Hi All, Need your help.. what I'm trying is I have one slider gain, As I change the value of slider then I want to change the value of say Y parameter from 0 to 1 and after some time say 2 sec I want change the value of Y parameter back to 0 but with the decrement of 0.2( 1-0.8-0.6-0.4-0.2-0)like that... Any idea how should I go about it Thanks in advance!!!! Ravi
  4. Hi All, Want to see help content for any instrument just click on the Instrument and then press Cntrl + H will bring the help for that instrument. Ravi
  5. Hi All, I want to run some matlab scripts using labview. I know one way is using "system exec" but I am wondering is there any Matlab Script Node available in LabVIEW. If yes can somebody point me to that node. It will be really helpful. Thanks in advance Ravi
  6. Hi , I am trying to access my usb memory device Using the VISA. but facing some problems. does anybody have tried this before. if yes, can anybody help me out with this. Thanks Ravi Download File:post-1447-1112988264.vi
  7. Hi Karthik, Hope this helps Ravi Download File:post-1447-1111418912.doc
  8. Hi Karthik, You can use the filesize output of the "OpenFile" vi . Use that filesize ouput as Count input of the "FileRead" vi. basically the vi will read untill it reaches to the final count. Hope this explains Ravi
  9. Hi Karthik, I am sure there are better ways to do it . hope this helps. Ravi Download File:post-1447-1111094440.vi
  10. Hey Thanks Guys. :worship: Todd, I was a OpenG user but few days ago due to some problems I have formated my PC so I lost all my data. Now I have downloaded the OpenG again. Thanks for the Help Ravi
  11. Hi All, I am creating a VI which will output 1 when the previous value of a numeric input is different from the current value. I am comparing those two values using the 1 sec delay. But I am having problem only for the First iteration when the Initial value of the input is not equal to 0. because the bydefault the delay block sends 0 value for the first iteration. I tried lot of things but couldn't find way arround it can somebody help me in this. Thanks in advance Rave Download File:post-1447-1110909579.vi
  12. Hi All, I have two 1D arrays and I want to plot them on the same waveform chart but I can see only one I/P to the waveform chart. I tried stack plot property but no luck. Any idea how I can do that. Thanks in advance Ravi
  13. Hi Mike , Thanks for the reply .Thing is I want to open a front panel whenever the VI gets called but I don't want to execute that. so I was wondering if there is a way around it. Thanks, Ravi
  14. Hi All, I have a VI which opens up a front panel of another VI depending upon the selection. but the problem I'm facing is as soon I execute the VI it starts executing the selected VI and I don't want that to be happen so i'm wondering is there is any way so that I can stop execution of that VI unless I press the run button. Thanks, Ravi
  15. Hi friends, I want to create VI that will open up a Selection Pop Menu as soon as run the VI. Did anybody tried this before. Thanks for the help in advance. Ravi
  16. Hi All, Currently I'm working with Labview SIT(Simulation Interface Tool Kit). I want to plot two Different variables on the same XY- plotter. Do I need to change any settings for that, I tried using the "Stack plotter" Property But on the SIT panel I can see only One connection How do I connect two variables to the same Plot????? Any idea Thanks
  17. how do i execute a dos command using sysexec.vi can anyone help me Thanks
  18. I am reading a csv file using read file Vi but the problem i am facing is the out put of that vi is a multinline string but i don't know how to convert this multiline string in to array. have anybody of you tried this Thanks
  19. Hi , Thanx for your help. I am very new to this luaview. do you have any example so that i can take a look at it and get started . I'll appreciate your help. Thanx, Ravi.
  20. Hi , I want to run python script using labview or open the commandline and then run the python script by calling python.exe is it possible to it. Ravi
  21. Hi , Is it possible to run python script through the labview or run the script by opening the commandline from labview. Ravi.
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