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    Thanks a lot Karissap, I modified your code (see the attachment) and it is know working. The only issue is that I should have an external trigger source at PFI 0 to run this program! Now my next question is: Is it possible to add an independent digital output line (TTL pulse train at a certain frequency at PFI 1) in this program? I need the TTL output to connect to PFI 0 to initiate my Labview program and also connect it to an external camera to send me its frames at each trigger. Thanks, Multi-Function-Ctr Retrigg Pulse Train Generation for AO Sample Clock_modified.vi
  2. Hi guys, I have a Ni USB - 6229 multifunction DAQ card and I want the analog output channel to generate exactly one cycle of the 1 Hz Sin wave whenever the card reads an external digital trigger at PFI 1. For example, if the card receives two TTL pulses at PFI 1 with a delay of 2 second in between them the analog output should generate one cycle of the 1Hz sin wave wait for 1 second and then generate another 1Hz cycle. I have been struggling with this issue for quite a while. I am using the DAQmx write VI in the "Analog 1D DBL 1Chan NSamp" mode to generate the one cycle waveform and start digital edge VI but it only generates the signal at the first trigger! Is there anyone out there to help me solve this problem? Thanks P.S. I have attached a sample VI continuous triggering.vi
  3. Thanks a lot guys. I called them all and it turned out that this GigE Vision standard is not supported by infrared camera companies; one infrared engineer even called GigE Vision wavelenght blind standard!! so I have to use the LabView toolkit that came with the camera. In any case, I am working with this toolkit and it works fine. Cheers, Nima
  4. Yes, I have installed a high performance IP device driver using the Pleora driver installation tool, but still labview cannot detect the camera !!! I called Pleora and they told me my IP engine is not GigE Vision compliant and the camera company refused to upgrade the firmware of the camera . Is there any way to acquire the images in LabView with GigE standard? How did these GigE cameras wok before the GigE Vision era ?!!! Nima QUOTE (Ulf @ Feb 9 2009, 10:17 AM)
  5. Hi guys, I am facing the same problem that Kelvin has. I have a Cedip Titanium 520M GigE infrared camera. I can't see the camera in NI MAX and when I try to connect to the camera through Labview using the NI Vision modules, Labview can't detect my camera. My camera has the Pleora iPort PT1000 IP engine and I don't know if it is GigE Vision compliant or not (GigE Vision compliancy is an optional feature for this type of IP engine). I have asked the camera company to find that out for me but they don't seem to know that much about GigE Vision compliancy!!! Is there anyway (i.e. test or ...) that I can find it out myself? By the way, the camera works fine with its own software but I need to grab the images with Labview Thanks a million Nima
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