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  1. Thanks hooovahh ! I was changing already the state of the front panel to 'hidden' on 'Panel Resize / Minimized' event, but 'HideRootWindow = TRUE' did the trick. It looks much better now :-)
  2. Thanks for sharing the code. I am using it right now in one of my projects and it seems to work great. I am trying to make one additional step and remove the application icon from the Windows taskbar (Windows 7) when the application window is minimized. I was basically trying to hide the icon in the taskbar, but no luck so far. I was searching also a lot online, but most of the postings suggest some 3-rd party tools. Does someone know how it can be done programmatically in LabVIEW: hide (remove) the application icon from the task bar when the window is minimized?
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