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  1. Not necessarily, but it is trickier than it looks because of those "multipoint paths" that unflatten does not support. A path like $.a.[new,old].b[4].c.d, for example. If all paths were straightforward like $.a.b.c.d then it would be easy. Although I use JSON for configuration, I'm not using it in the same way you are doing, so it hasn't motivated me to solve this issue. Sorry.
  2. See if "Unflatten JSONpath Array to Object" will do what you want. It will create the extra levels if needed.
  3. That vipm package seems to have gotten corrupted somehow. I'll contact NI about it. In the meantime, try getting it from here: https://forums.ni.com/t5/JDP-Science-Tools/Out-of-Memory-Error/m-p/4335019/highlight/true#M156
  4. Unable to install to LabVIEW 2023 (64-bit) or LabVIEW 2019 (64-bit) as VIPM doesn't think it is supported in LabVIEW 2023, not sure if this is true, or an oversight somewhere. It looks like people are actively commenting on it this year, so I just wonder if its my system specific. I did try downloading from NI, LAVA and VIPM.

    1. drjdpowell


      I think there might be a corruption of the vipm file.  I can't get the download to work even though the original I have installs fine.

    2. drjdpowell
  5. Can you try forking the repo? Then making a pull request? I only have a free Bitbucket account and there is a limit on how many people I can add to my repos.
  6. Compiled object cache is an SQLite database, I believe, so is suspect you can easily delete VIs from it. Though you'd have to test that.
  7. I'm afraid I don't have an example. I did once prototype a version where I swapped out the flattened message format for one that used JSON (I recommend JSON as an easy, reliable format to go between languages).
  8. I use the "Advanced PNG Export" feature of https://pictogrammers.com/library/mdi/. This allows some customisation of icon (size, colour, transparency, border) before downloading.
  9. Why are you making Setting modules at all, rather than just having the other modules just read the INI file directly? This seems very over complicated.
  10. Quite a lot of good architectures are based on using messages between semi-independent modules, with the modules being based on a standardized template. There are a few such "frameworks" publicly available via vipm.io that you could look at. Mine is "Messenger Library", which has some instructional videos.
  11. I've long thought the Event API has bad naming. If the Event Reg Refnum was called "Event Queue" and the User Event was called "Event Generator", then it would be easier for people to understand it.
  12. Maybe if you posted what device you are trying to talk to, and perhaps pointed to the manual, you might get better help.
  13. Did you do the Write? It only outputs on Write. I am considering having the Read write the Template, as it is confusing to have an empty file untill the Write happens.
  14. Here is the Issues lost: https://bitbucket.org/drjdpowell/pq-labview/issues?status=new&status=open I am not actively working on this project, but it might be the case that the PQ dll used by the library needs updating.
  15. Re the main issue, this seems to be my misunderstanding about how Savepoints work (as distinct from BEGIN and ROLLBACK). Here is a relevant discussion. From that discussion, I see I should, instead of "ROLLBACK TO <Savepoint>" I should do "ROLLBACK TO <Savepoint>; RELEASE <Savepoint>;" Issue 22
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