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  1. drjdpowell

    [LVTN] Messenger Library

    I'm afraid I have no answer as how to test actual UI code, other than an actual set of tests done by a person. That is quite a big problem. However, I commonly do have business logic in some kind of subVI or class method, and that can be unit tested. So for example, I can test if the "Save Data" and "Load Data" methods properly write/read the data, but I can't test if the "Save" and "Load" Menu items actually call those method correctly. One can, though, test the message-interaction of an actor in a Unit Test. And one can use Queries to help do this quite easily, even if the actor, in actual use, is interacting much more asynchronously. Below is a part of such a test of a ModbusTCP Server. I included a diagram of the actor interactions at top (a secondary value of unit tests is that they allow one to demonstrate the use of a component in a simplified setup). Note that I quickly made a simple message loop to stand in for the "Device", needed to handle some of the commands sent over Modbus (the actual actor that is the Device in the application is much more complicated). Not shown, off the bottom of the screen, I use the Plasmionique Modbus Library as a test Modbus client to run a series of communication tests with the server. Note, though that this is an example of an Actor that involves no UI at all. If it had UI elements, I could not test that automatically.
  2. drjdpowell

    LabView Memory Full Error

    Do you have the Desktop Execution Trace utility? The first thing I would do if I had an out-of-memory would be to use this to look for "leaked" references. I once had a failure after 4 weeks of running that was caused by an unclosed .NET reference in a once-a-second loop.
  3. drjdpowell

    [CR] JSONtext

    Thanks Elmar. Issue 27.
  4. drjdpowell

    LabVIEW Not Responding

    Just several seconds, but with fewer actors. I will try and investigate when I next see it.
  5. drjdpowell

    LabVIEW Not Responding

    I have noticed that, though not enough to bother me much. I've assumed it was a LabVIEW bug in the edit environment. I haven't investigated it because it can't affect executables (they only run once). BTW, is that 60 actor types, or 60 running instances?
  6. drjdpowell

    [CR] JSONtext

    Can you explain your use case, and why the public API is inadequate for it?
  7. Hi Osamu, This is not an Actor Framework thing. "Actor" is a computer-science term that is used by dozens of frameworks it multiple languages. This example uses "Messenger Library", available on the LabVIEW Tools Network or here on LAVA.
  8. Here's a minirant to NI I made in May: Rounded corners on icons could be useful, if it indicates something, but rounding every single graphic element is silly.
  9. That was my impression; changing everything for no good reason rather than retaining continuity with the past but changing a few keys things where there is real benefit.
  10. They need a killer feature, some great thing not in regular LabVIEW. So far I haven't identified such a feature.
  11. drjdpowell

    How do you model this?

    You're a bit late for this conversation, though the topic is still very relevant today.
  12. drjdpowell

    [CR] SQLite Library

    Tried inserting png, jpg, and bmp images (by solution 1) and they can be viewed by SQLite Expert Personal, which I use.
  13. drjdpowell

    [CR] SQLite Library

    I think your issue is the multitudes of "image" formats. There are many formats, and many conversion functions, and it is difficult to get things to work by trial and error. The webpage for "SQLite Administrator" indicates it understands JPG format, yet your attached code is converting from JPG to a LabVIEW-only flattened image format. You need to read that JPG image into a LabVIEW string, without converting it into some other format, and insert it. Look into the "Read form binary file"... (I see smithd has beaten me to it).
  14. drjdpowell

    [CR] SQLite Library

    "Seems not to work" is the vagueous description you could give, but I wonder why you aren't just saving your bmp image as a blob, rather than turning it into a LabVIEW image format (and then only storing part of that).
  15. drjdpowell

    [CR] SQLite Library

    What have you tried? Have you looked at the examples?

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