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  1. Re the main issue, this seems to be my misunderstanding about how Savepoints work (as distinct from BEGIN and ROLLBACK). Here is a relevant discussion. From that discussion, I see I should, instead of "ROLLBACK TO <Savepoint>" I should do "ROLLBACK TO <Savepoint>; RELEASE <Savepoint>;" Issue 22
  2. As an aside, you should look into the Upsert clause, which allows doing INSERT or UPDATE in a single SQL statement. Also, note that you don't need savepoints about a single transaction (all single statements are their own transaction, and either succeed or rollback automatically).
  3. Hi @mwebster, Can you upload an example showing this problem? Something is wrong somewhere, as a Savepoint outside of an open transaction should behave the same as Begin-Rollback, to my understanding.
  4. This appears to be a pretty standard "hostile takeover" attempt, complete with all the usual things like a "poison pill" defence, and an appeal to shareholders to set up for a "proxy fight". Noone in the corporate world thinks any less of Emerson for doing a very normal business thing.
  5. The market presumable thinks the offer will be accepted, possibly at a higher price.
  6. Just to second ShawnR's suggestion to look for documentation on the underlying communication protocol. Multiple times I have found poor quality LabVIEW libraries just use better quality communication protocols underneath, and I just implement that protocol with my own library.
  7. I did the exact same thing! Posted my version here: https://github.com/ni/grpc-labview/issues/206 I made a small helper class to allow easier configuration of each Procedure with a name and two message clusters:
  8. NI is working on gRPC and LabVIEW. I am trying to give them feedback on their Github page. In particular, I think they are going the wrong way in trying to create a Scripting-black-box solution rather than a simpler gRPC Library, and that this is a major danger to the project. gRPC looks like it could be important, and we have a stake in making this project successful. If anyone else would like to comment on this, please see https://github.com/ni/grpc-labview/issues/208
  9. Why are you using Finite Samples in a cycle, rather than Continuous Samples?
  10. Your doing it in the UI thread (that would have been my number one guess). Switching threads is one of the few things that can be multi-millisecond expensive. Switch the Call to "any thread". Edit: actually, even a thread switch shouldn't take 40 milliseconds, but give it a try anyway.
  11. Move block is way faster than than that. Can you post an example VI showing how you are calling it?
  12. Exactly. The function can do the approprioate thing, based on there being an upstream error. Ususally that is doing nothing, sometimes it is doing what it would have even if no error, and occasionaly it is something different.
  13. I generally solve it by not forking the reference wire and not acting on it in parallel. It's all in the UI thread anyway so there is no performance advantage to parallel execution.
  14. Actually, BOTH behaviours with or without "ignore errors inside node" set are different from error-chaining the individual subVIs (which is how I would argue stacked Property Node should behave).
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