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  1. I think the biggest problem for NI with updating Labview has been the same problem faced by most developers/companies looking for a long term strategy in the last 10 years - it has been very difficult to pick a platform/technology that you believe will stand the test of time. It was a strange decision to rely on WPF for NXG but from what I remember the decision was made because other alternatives were not 'native enough', in the meantime Microsoft have had a similar platform meltdown of their own with WPF/UWP/WinUI , so as of 2020 'native' in Windows means literally nothing with Windows 10 a m
  2. Hello All, I'm attempting to create a right-click shortcut menu for a 3D picture control within an x-control that's showing data in a loop. As part of plotting the data, I have included an option to 'smooth' the input data so the picture control doesn't jump around and, ideally I'd like this to be toggled via a right-click menu at run-time. The problem is that when you activate a right-click menu on a picture control that's constantly being updated it flickers alot and looks rubbish, therefore I want to suspend the drawing of the 3D picture when the menu is activated. However
  3. First of all, thanks for your replies! This is the first time I've used LAVA and I wasn't expecting such a quick response. djolivet - that's a simple way of checking if they match before running a VI and that's great thanks. I think I need to clarify a few things though about what I'm trying to do. 1) It is expected that the interface between the external GUI setup page LLBs and the executable will be updated with new data types etc. passed between the two. At the time of writing my original post I thought I was going to implement a mechanism whereby I could 'get' the prototype information f
  4. Hello all, I'm currently attempting to implement a Labview GUI plug-in type architecture whereby I want to call external GUI Setup pages in an LLB from an executable. Before calling the external VIs from the LLB however, I'd like to check that the connector pane of the VI in the LLB matches that used to provide a strictly typed reference for the call by reference node in the executable. I've found that I can get all the controls/indicators from the VI in the LLB but this doesn't give the full information I need (the method returns all controls and indicators in the VI not those
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