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  1. VIM HAL Demo

    This is an experimental demo to investigate VIMs (vi macros). It was a bit of fun to see if VIMs could be used to encapsulate events in LabVIEW which was a bugbear of mine for quite some time. You can see the entire thread here. VIMs are a NI experimental technology similar to Xnodes but less mature.
    The purpose of this release is to clarify the previously unstated licence since other forum topics are building on the original demo so they need a permissive licence (MIT). This release serves as an unambiguous statement to that effect. There are a few differences from the original which I have decided to call version 0.1 but they are minor.
    This may or may not work for you out of the box. If it doesn't then please do not post. The purpose is to clarify the licence for others to build upon; not to provide a working example. The VIM technology is itself  experimental and unsupported by NI so most issues you will encounter will be due to this and It is unlikely there will be another version posted here.



  2. Windows API

    Windows API Utilities.
    An eclectic set of wrapper VIs around some windows API functions.
    I wrote these many years ago (1998? wow!) but have used them to some extent in virtually all my windows programs.
    I've included all the original functions (accidentally re-compiled under LV 9.0) and just wrapped them up in a project and added the LAVA required stuff so your getting them "warts 'n all".
    Many functions have been superseded by LabView functions and I expect many people already have their own.
    But there are still some gems I couldn't do without and maybe someone will find them useful.
    Unzip to a directory of your choice.
    Required Packages:
    Labview 9.0 or greater
    Windows XP or greater (may work on earlier versions)
    Known Issues.
    Current version 1.0.
    Contact: PM ShaunR on lavag.org (http://www.lavag.org)



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