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  1. i want to use subpanel as our UI. I can add new vi to our project if neccessary, but i do not need to change my application. just copy the new vi to the plugin folder. the attachment is my test program. i have heard that the application use subpanel can not display the new plugin vi if not complie the source program. but right now . i can use the Subpanel.exe to display the new vi which is copied by copy File.vi Maybe i did not consider comprehensively. please point out my program's bug. Thank you! test86.zip
  2. recently, i find a resolution to resolve my problem the idea is : subpanel is a container. as other program language, c# which use container to create control in running state. so,i think use a subpanel to insert a vi which include a subpanel will resolve the problem, and the vi must be used as a reetrant vi. the program i find somewhere else. CEView Frame Prototype.zip
  3. Thank you ! My question is how to dynamic create Control in Executable program!
  4. after i choose the vi properties->windows size->scale all objects on front panel as the window resizes, the Numeric control on this single pane resize when the pane resize. But the font of the Numeric control does not change.
  5. i use NI 6232 card to sample 100 number per loop and run this while loop 200 time. each 100 number, i divide them into 10 groups. each group has 10 numbers. i cut off the two max number and two min number, then i make the average of the left 6 numbers. so, this 100 numbers become 10 numbers. i use Butterworth filter to filter these 10 numbers. at last, these 20000 numbers become 2000 numbers. Right here I have two arrays, each array include 2000 numbers. I use XY Graph to display this two arrays. one for X axis, the other for y axis. This curve is a close curve. Now, i want to calculate the m
  6. Does somebody have Labview Advanced I: Labview Application Development Course Manual ? I Do not have enough money to take part in Labview Training!
  7. I am sorry! I have upload a compressed file but did not notice it was failed.
  8. First, I do not know how to use dynamic event structure as a subvi? I upload two vi. Second, I do not know how to improve dynamic event structure with While Loop, Case Structure in the Dynamic event.vi if i use dynamic event structure in this vi, when i run the vi, and click on the button of the panel, i can not use any button. could anyone help me? Thanks jackmax
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