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  1. Neville Great post. Is it possible for you to share what you are doing in "Analyze Datasocket" VI? Paracha
  2. No offense, great work. But sometime i wonder do we have to write in an overly complicated way to solve the problem? If someone joined your team in your company, would it be easier for him to understand your code or say mine that uses producer consumer with no dynamic events and many functional globals? Dont get me wrong but i often see some programmers use LabVIEW OOP (classes), dynamic events, semaphores and rendezvous when - They are not really necessary - Their is simpler alternative available. - There is no benefit of using classes like abstraction, plugable architecture (dynamic dispatching) etc I hardly see anyone comment by saying "write simple code". For example i really dont feel user event/dynamic event to detect error between two loop was simple solution. Just thought i should share my feelings. Good luck passing CLD. BTW I took CLD exam yesterday and i am optimistic, i will clear it Thanks!
  3. ohh so the size of application and performance is untouched. Well actually the size may now get even bigger because everything is in it.
  4. you are pushing it Not available for LV 8.5?
  5. Can you make couple slides talk about the basics like what is web service, why you would want to do that in LV and how you would use possibly use it, use cases? Not having much idea about web services, i am thinking what are these slides all about? To me web services run on websites or ISP hosting servers. Since most of the hosting companies will not have labview support installed on their traditionally linux servers, does it make sense to build web service in LV?? am i missing something??
  6. I usually build my exe and have it call plugin VI out of "Support" folder that sits next to the exe file. The exe calls the plugin VI out of that folder using CallByRef node. The only catch is that you need to have plugin VI hierarchy in that folder or else it will give error saying subVI is not executable. My plugin VIs following certain naming like plugin_Foo1.vi, plugin_Foo2.vi etc etc. So depending on plugin VIs found in "Support" folder, the exe shows the user available plugins as "Foo1" and "Foo2". Good thing about this model is that, you can update and throw new plugins into "Support" folder without updating your exe. Exe or Source Distro build specs are little tricky but else it works out very well. It is much better than having all the dyn plugin VIs packed into one fatty exe that takes seconds to load. By doing this you also get benefit of on demand loading.
  7. 7 seconds?? I am suspecting something else like windows. Did you try running the exe on some other machine that has LVRTE installed? Sometimes windows shell get slowed down and it may not be LV exe thing.
  8. I think #1 and #2 would be nice to have. If they introduced namespacing, that would be ok but not like WOW!!
  9. QUOTE (TobyD @ Jan 22 2009, 01:48 PM) Great now you made him not post anything. Thank TobyD...j/k :laugh:
  10. QUOTE (Aristos Queue @ Jan 22 2009, 12:17 PM) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :headbang: Such nice design of my software is now in jeopardy because of this issue!!! Yes i am running 8.5.0. Is 8.5.1 free upgrade or paid? Where is what i see in 8.5.1 bug fixes that looks close. QUOTE 4CML9UJ1: Get LV Class Default Value.vi cannot access LabVIEW class inside an LLB and labview exe is essentially an LLB. Any workarounds? Ohh God!
  11. QUOTE (Aristos Queue @ Jan 22 2009, 12:00 PM) @AQ, i tried your zip file just now, no changes made. When i run the VI, yes it works and i do see "Kid". Then i build executable, it says Parent when run. See attached screenshot of exe.
  12. QUOTE (Eugen Graf @ Jan 22 2009, 03:32 AM) Thanks Eugen, but your code does not work, the problem is actually masked and hence you dont see any error messages. I have added little debugging indicators and i see the same error as i get with my code. See attached updated zip file. I dont understand how it is working on your side?
  13. QUOTE (Aristos Queue @ Jan 21 2009, 09:34 PM) Thank you for your help. Would you be kind enough to send me code in LV 8.5? My company does not upgrade immediately LabVIEW 8.5 code Please :headbang: waiting for a breakthrough.
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