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  1. Build using LabVIEW a reusable library for Software Updates for standalone exes. This library should check the current version and periodically (user settable) search a particular database (held by and kept up to date by us) location on the internet in a format and using a method proposed by the developer. If it's found that the current version is older than the latest available then the library will download (from a location and using a method to be proposed) and install the latest version automatically (to be proposed). The library must be generic in that it can be used for any parent application. It must be efficient, robust and reusable. VI source code is required.
  2. Drop the cluster onto the BD as a constant. Any typedefs inside the cluster will have the black coloured triangle at their top corner (LV 2014 I'm using).
  3. Established start-up seeks experienced LabVIEW developer. Develop and maintain large technical engineering software applications in LabVIEW. Note there is no data acquisition/hardware development required. Location is western Sydney. Please PM me to apply. A. MAIN DUTIES 1. Design, develop, verify and document new software applications from concept to deployment. 2. Maintain and upgrade existing software applications. 3. Be involved in consulting and project work surrounding both areas of expertise of the business and applications which the software has been designed for and beyond. 4. Be involved in technical training seminars. 5. Develop and/or contribute to technical research publications. 6. Develop company standards documents; technical, non-technical, quality, procedures etc. with input from engineers and other parties as required. 7. Provide technical support and advice both internally and to customers and clients. 8. Develop technical procedures which assist with the company achieving and maintaining ISO 9001 quality accreditation. B. SELECTION CRITERIA • Honours degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering or Computer Engineering. • Experience in developing medium to large LabVIEW software applications. • Knowledge and experience planning and developing software algorithms. • Experience with other programming languages. • Knowledge of electrical/electronics systems modelling concepts would be advantageous. • Knowledge of object-oriented principles and patterns would be advantageous. • Knowledge of cloud-based application deployment would be advantageous. • Knowledge and experience applying formal software lifecycle processes ensuring quality. • Experience writing technical documents. • Proficiency in using Microsoft Office products. C. DESIRABLE ATTRIBUTES • Excellent team working ability. • Conceptual and analytical problem solving ability. • Detail oriented with a high-level of organization. • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. • Driven and motivated with a passion for learning. • Resourceful, investigative and innovative.
  4. Hi David, I've built an application using the Type Sensitive Popup VIs you've provided. When I build an exe out of your Demo (and my VIs) they do not seem to work. The pop-up occurs but the VIs do not update the cell and your VIs freeze the program. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Please try to build an exe out of your Demo. Cheers.
  5. Hi David, Great VIs! I'm trying to modify to include a Cluster pop-up with 3 inputs. I'm having trouble. I tried modifying your Popup Cluster type definition but it's not working. Can you please briefly explain how this can be done. Appreciate it. Battler.
  6. Hi all. I haven't had time to implement this yet. From Rolf's post it tells me that double-clicking a file and opening while an application is open is not possible with DDE nor ActiveX. True? Mads, are you saying that you have made it work with DDE (I've seen your example, thanks)? Cheers, Battler.
  7. Thanks Mads, that's fantastic. The settings in the exe ini file. How do you know what to put in there? Can you point me in the direction of some documentation about those? I'm really keen to explore the ActiveX server method for doing this. That's ok I forgive you;-) Especially since you are in Sydney like me. I'm really keen to explore the ActiveX server method for assigning file extensions to exe. Does anyone have any idea about this (i.e. ActiveX servers)?
  8. I thought LabVIEW exe's had the ability to act as an ActiveX server. It's a setting in the App builder. Thanks Mads. Can you post some example code? How does the "loader app gets the file path from the argument generated by the OS"? You build 2 separate exe's? The loader (laucher?) is registered to the sutom file type (i.e. .myx)with the OS via registry settings?
  9. Thanks Ton. From what I've read about VI Scripting I don't think using this OS.OpenDocument Event is a good idea (or even possible). What is the best method for associating a custom file type with an application and being able to open the file when the app is both running and closed?
  10. I thought you all were joking about the: SuperPrivateScriptingFeatureVisible=True Based on this does mean that opening a file by double-clicking on it while your main app is open... is not possible? Cheers, Battler.
  11. Ton, are you able to provide this code? Evening all, I can't find any record of the "Application.OS Open Document" event. Any ideas on where to find it? Battler.
  12. I suppose this means I may experience even worse problems going from 8.0 to 2009...
  13. Thanks heaps. I can't get the code. Where do I get it? The links seem to be broken. Any ideas? Were you able to get the code? Thanks. JKI software. Is the application downloadable for free from their website? What is the name of the application? Thanks:) I want to be able to write the code myself;-) Are there any example VI available? Cheers. Battler.
  14. I can't get the code! :-( The links just seem to take me to the main page. Please help! VI Scripting link doesn't work:-( Takes me to the main page again.
  15. Thanks for your response. As you say, perhaps I could register a separate application (App2) to my custom file extension with command line arguments enabled. When a custom file is double-clicked App2 would need to either: 1. If App1 is not running - Open App1 and pass the filename with custom extension; or 2. If App1 is already running - Send the filename. An event would need to be triggered in App1. I like the sounds of TCP/IP as opposed to DDE. How would this work? How would an event be triggered in the event structure upon receiving TCP/IP data (i.e. filename)? Nice thinking. Cheers, Battler.
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