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  1. Hello, i created a new tips repository in: https://edupez.com/ English and Portuguese
  2. Hello, I have a "Security Super Mini 720P HD Hidden Micro IP Camera Pinhole Camera 1.0 Megapixel" http://www.ebay.com/itm/Security-Super-Mini-720P-HD-Hidden-Micro-IP-Camera-Pinhole-Camera-1-0-Megapixel-/291572900699?hash=item43e319635b:g:FQYAAOSw9r1WBEHL and i need to get image into labview by tcp-ip commands. I know this camera have a login. Anyone know the commands to comunicate with this IP cameras? Thanks
  3. i try ... but i can't download bit files to my card... anyone knows who to convert lbit files to bit or use a costom fpga vi to download to basys card (SPARTAN XC3S250E)
  4. I tried using this driver, but does not recognize my card "BASYS" I did a program in fpga like a spartan 3e xup, and after compiling, I run and gave error. did not find the board. the "BASYS" do not have expansion pack or lcd. is a litle diferent than a "Spartan 3E Starter Kit" but maybe I have done something wrong ...
  5. i have a BASYS 250 from digilent, with the fpga SPARTAN3E from Xilinx, and i want use labview fpga to program de board. i try to use the driver Spartan3e XUP but can not finde my board.
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