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  1. Thanks a lot, it now works as expected. Thank you for your fast help. Greetings Tobi
  2. Hello, I have tried the 1.2.6 version. But instead of adding "%.;" (dot), you added "%,;" (comma), what is standard definition on my system. So the problem still exists. With the new version, nobody could import JSON floating point strings, because even on systems using "." as decimal separator, you forced the converter to use ",". I'm afraid, you have to change it again. Greetings Tobi
  3. Hi, has anyone tested this package with double datatype? Doubles get encoded to JSON, but on decoding the decimal part gets cut off. This seems a problem of the scan From String operation, which uses the country typical decimal separator. In JSON only the (.) is used. I suggest to add the format string "%.; %f" to the vi's which decode floating point data. Perhaps there is other country related stuff (timestamps could be a candiate). Greetings Tobi
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