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  1. Dear all, I have not been posting here for a while (Yes, I was an active member here). I hope all of you doing well. I am setting up a forum which it would be good if you are willing to make a few posts. It is not directly related to LabVIEW, but it could be a platform to run Labview in the future. I am talking about Project Ara. Please also feel free to put a couple post in Ara PUB. I copy the idea of Lava Lounge. Once more thing, the forum has money prizes and lucky draw. I hope that you will enjoy it. http://www.projectaratalk.com Superhero
  2. It is a long story. We are helping our customer to do data collect and analysis for the water waste/virus and many things. One task is to use ultrasound to monitor the dirty water flow inside pipe which has 2 built in ultrasound sensors. The connectors are at 1.5m below ground level; but the hole is only around 1x1 square foot. I need to use many tools ......... including tennis racquet connect to a long screw driver to connect the cables. And the different day may need to use different tool. It is a pain.
  3. Dear all, I have to do data collections from two outputs. Those two outputs are not easy to reach. The data cables has to be removed daily. It does not make sense to me that I need to spend 2 hours daily to just connect and disconnect the cables. The data outputs are 16 bits resolution @ 1K Hz I wonder whether any commercial product that is easy to use and can do the wireless communication? I understand that "easy to use" is difficult to understand. For example, I want to listen the music from my desktop at bedroom when I am at kitchen, I will buy a radio and a FM transmitter (link) I can
  4. My boss needs me to create/find an object which converts compression force into rotational torque. The object needs to be cylinder shape with max 1.5 cm height and 5 cm diameter. The max compress distance is 0.5cm. Does anything like that in market?
  5. Does anyone know any good adaptive tuning technique books/ website? I am doing sliding mode control, but the tracking is bad if the tuning parameters are fixed. I want to program the tuning parameters to be updated automatically. Any suggestion?
  6. I am trying to do some analysis which is difference than others. That's why I try to find whether any other transformations of my signal could extract other (unknown) features.
  7. What else I could use as feature extraction in a time series signal? Wavelet transform? Any others?
  8. Would it be embroidered hat? If so, please put it for sale
  9. How does it difference from regular damping??
  10. I buy a 2nd hand motherboard to replace my current motherboard. They are the same model. My question is whether I need to reinstall the driver for my video card, sound card, etc? Moreover, I will put another 512MB ram into the motherboard, do I need to change any BIOS setting??
  11. I am a scjp. I can do Java2D & 3D but do not have any C++ experience. I need to create real time graphic indicators to communicate with existing data acquisition software. I talked to the application engineer from the corresponding company. They said "using C++ to create a dll for the graphic indicators".
  12. It is not a matter whether the black Friday or Cyber Monday discount. I only want a few LAVA tshirts at low prices. -Superhero
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