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  1. Daemon Creation Tool

    This Labview scripting tool takes a standard VI, and creates a wrapper around it to launch it as a daemon. This is useful for creating inline code modules that need a process to run in the background.Accessible through the tools menu option.

    Daemons will abort when the top level VI is aborted. Daemon can be aborted by closing the "Daemon Owner" VI refnum. Daemons obey source VI properties such as open front panel when called. Host process can be reentrant or standard. Tool places created daemon in idential project location. Tool will not alter the source VI in any way.
    To install this toolkit unzip and run the setup.vi file.
    The setup.vi as well as uninstall.vi will run immediately upon opening, so if you wish to inspect the files open the .lvproj file in the /source directory.
    It will install the toolkit to whatever version of labview runs the setup.vi file.
    uninstall.vi will uninstall the package.
    The package has been saved in LabVIEW 8.6, and fully tested in 8.6 & 2010.
    Created By:
    Jonathan Kokott



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