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  1. Hi! I've got a new PC with Win7 and a PXI-Chassis (connected through MXI) with a PXI8231 Ethernet card inside. Everything seems to be correctly installed (no yellow signs in the hardwaremanager) the ethernet card appears in the Network Connections, has a static IP, notices if there is a cable pluggen in, but has no communication (0 packets send, 0 packets received). the card is 'supported' out of the box from Win7, so there are no drivers from NI or Intel. With WinXP everything worked fine. I've already changed the card, but still have the same issue... I tried several days to get it
  2. Hi there! I've got a problem with connecting to a OPC-Server in LV2011 64Bit. LabVIEW shows an "Class not Registered"- Error. (see Attachment) I try to connect to a CoDeSys OPC server, but it also happens when i try to connect to the NI Demo OPC server. I used the LabVIEW OPC Example (Browse To OPC Item.vi) to test the connection. With LV2011 32Bit everything seems to be ok, so i think the services should be correctly registered? Any ideas? thx fabian
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