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  1. I have this VISA Serial VI which I have used for some time doing RS-232/485 communication. It works OK, but I am no Serial comm expert, so I'm not certain what flaws it may contain. Are there any experts here who would like to have a look and maybe make some comments? LabVIEW 8 attachment. VISA Serial.llb
  2. LV 7.1.1 won't start after I uninstalled LV 8.2.1 Runtime Engine. It seems that LV 7.1.1 has some dependency issue towards 8.2.1 RTE going on, and when 8.2.1 RTE is gone, LV 7.1.1 totally fails to start. Anyone who knows some solution og registry hack?
  3. It is not LV2010. The same happened in my LV2009 yesterday. Have no Idea what causes it. If you just click OK in the new Editor then the old style Icon Editor will pop up...
  4. Are there any example code around showing how to do a QSM with variant data (Cluster of event+command), where event = strictly typed enum and command=string. I guess there was some on the old LAVA-forum, but now I can't find any examples here. (LabVIEW 7.1.1)
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