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  1. RTNEW.viFDAQFPGA.viThank you all for the suggestions. I have changed the RT VI so that the WSSRPM and ACC FIFO interrupts are acknowledged in parallel loops. I changed the FPGA VI to interrupt after a set number of acquisitions. This was beneficial in two ways. The interrupt generation frequency has been greatly reduced. When RT gets the interrupt, I know exactly how many values to read, and those number of values are already in the FIFO, meaning RT doesnt have to wait before reading the values. After these changes, the program has been working satisfactorily. But I have run the program
  2. FDAQRT.viHey All I am working with a cRIO-9004. I wrote an FPGA VI to acquire data at different rates in parallel loops. The WSS-RPM loop samples 3 sets of data at 1500Hz while the Acc loop samples 5sets of data at 100HZ each. For each loop I am transferring the values to RT using DMA FIFO and generating a separate interrupt. For the RT program, I wrote code where RT waits for interrupt no 1 then reads the values from the DMA FIFO and acknowledges the interrupt then the same procedure is followed with the other interrupt. I am logging the data read from the FIFO to a tdms file and observe
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