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  1. Has the bug (where enum constants are reset to their default value) been fixed? Is there a CAR ID showing it was fixed? Thanks
  2. I'm creating dozens of property nodes via scripting. They get placed as "read" nodes by default. There doesn't seem to be an option to programmatically change them to write. Am I missing something or is this simply functionality that's not currently available? Thanks
  3. Ha! I figured that answer would come up. Still would be nice to have the functionality, though. Thanks.
  4. I have several WHILE loops running in parallel. I want to debug only one of them and let the others keep running. Currently when I debug and step through the program, the execution point jumps around through the different loops. This makes it hard and slow to debug a specific area of code. Any ideas?
  5. Ok, you guys have helped me figure this out. What I'm doing works in the general case since I'm converting a range of cells to an array of strings (instead of a single cell to an array). But it's true that one of the worksheets in my workbook causes a type mismatch...must be some cell with a weird format or something. Removing that particular worksheet allows my program to run normally. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I've got a program that converts Excel worksheets into 2D arrays of strings. I'm having a problem where Excel does not close if I use the 2D array for anything. If I do not use the array, Excel closes fine. I've attached Labview 8.6 files of both the working and nonworking versions. It would be great if someone can tell me what I've missed here. Suggestions for simpler ways to do this are also welcome, as I'm a little new at ActiveX. Thanks! Excel Test Works.vi Excel Test Fails.vi
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