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  1. MikaelH

    moving circle in X-Y graph

    Sorry missed the lvclass files. BTW, I used OpenGDS to create the class and methods. XY-Shape.zip
  2. MikaelH

    moving circle in X-Y graph

    Try something like this 🙂 XY-Shape.zip
  3. MikaelH

    OpenGDS GOOP400 Read by reference

    No only 1.2.38 has the strange freeze.
  4. MikaelH

    OpenGDS GOOP400 Read by reference

    FYI, version 1.2.38 has an issues when creating Override methods. Please use the latest one 1.2.39 https://opengds.github.io/ You won't believe what I had to do to get it working ;-), coding VIs that runs in the project provider application instance is not always easy. A VI that works fine when you run it normally, could still crash/freeze LV when it's running under the project provider application. I hope it will be easier in NXG.
  5. MikaelH

    OpenGDS GOOP400 Read by reference

    I would love to get more time to show everyone all the nice and fun feature that exists in the GDS tool. If anyone like to help please feel free :-). I'm aiming to document the "Convert Text based code to LabVIEW" next. You can always test it and see if you understand how to use it... You can google come Java or c# Design pattern examples (e.g. Observer pattern), and convert those classes straight into LabVIEW. I also want to document the API VIs, if you haven't tested them you can find them + examples here: LabVIEW 20XX\resource\Framework\Providers\Open_GDS\API
  6. MikaelH

    OpenGDS GOOP400 Read by reference

    The new version is ready for download under Untested Version https://opengds.github.io/
  7. MikaelH

    OpenGDS GOOP400 Read by reference

    I don’t agree ?, you just need to know where to look ? Every design pattern that is added to a class, have the ability to add new Method templates and you’ll find them here. This is the same if you add the Active Object Design pattern there is a method templates that helps you send and receive a message form the active process. BTW, I've created the new version with new templates, I just need to upload them, I let you know when it's done.
  8. MikaelH

    OpenGDS GOOP400 Read by reference

    The GetAttributes checks the DVR ref and generates a 1556 error if the DVR is invalid, but of course the DVR Ref could be killed externally between the Get Attribute and when the IPE node is executed...there is always a chance.
  9. MikaelH

    OpenGDS GOOP400 Read by reference

    Some test code I made of doing 500 Get Attributes of a class with some large data sets. I would try to avoid having to much data in the Attribute, but if I need it I might user the Reference Variable Design Pattern GDS can apply to a class. GetAttribute.zip
  10. MikaelH

    OpenGDS GOOP400 Read by reference

    You are right the read will be much faster if you use the DVR and use the IP Structure to just extract the element you need form the cluster. I'll update the templates to use this method.
  11. MikaelH

    LAVA Server Maintenance This Weekend (11\03\18)

    Great job, look awesome
  12. MikaelH

    Scrollbar's slider width changes as I acquire data

    It's hard to test that VI since it requires a camera (and one VI s missing). But I haven't had any issues with the Scroll bar (at least when you figured out how the property node option works). If you can make some test code it will be easier to help you.
  13. MikaelH

    DVR Error Handling

    Sure I'll add it, I thought everyone had a VI like that. We use it to indicate that the developer is aware that an error could be generated at this point in the code. It helps when we do code review.
  14. MikaelH

    DVR Error Handling

    This is how I clear errors.
  15. Can't you just use this method? GOOPUtil_GetParentClassesHiererchy.vi

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