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  1. If you switch the disabled structures, it shows you how it works better. Using the Graph.Plot feature is just an option, I would probably use a separate Picture conttrol to the left of the Graph that hold the titles. Or when we want to have nice/different types of plot we use a WebBrowser container with html/javascrip code.
  2. So 2014 should be good then 🙂 Maybe it's time to think about upgrading 😉 2020SP1 is Awesome, especially now with Interface support 🙂 Horisontal BarChart-2014.vi
  3. Is 2016 okay? Horisontal BarChart-2016.vi
  4. You can do something like this: Horisontal BarChart.vi
  5. Thanks, I missed that. Strange that is allows any text and messes up the JSON content completely if it's not valid json.
  6. Hi, I do like the new “Retain All Errors” in the Merge Errors, it coverts the Error source to an JOSN array of errors. With that change NI added some extra JSON Error VIs like the Write attribute. But I can’t get those VIs working? I couldn’t find anyone else complaining about this, sure I can just fix the issue myself since the VIs aren’t locked. Are anyone using these VIs?
  7. You can do this. I thought that was the main reason for adding interfaces ☺️. BTW, if you're using LV2020 and classes, the new OpenGDS beta version makes it easy to work with interfaces 🙂
  8. We modify code while LV is running all the time 🙂 We even have a Quick Drop shortcut that toggles a Sub-VI's Loading Option between "Load with callers" and "Reload for each call".
  9. Hi, I just posted my GOOP Training course material here: https://forums.ni.com/t5/GDS-Goop-Development-Suite/GOOP-Course-Material/td-p/4101113
  10. Same here. It locked the whole OS for some reason when I start NXG.
  11. And when can we add G code extension to NXG's IDE? I'll move over when I get GDS running there 😉
  12. I would use Active objects. Using the OpenGDS tool I created this in no time, see attached project. ActiveObjects.zip
  13. We use 5000-5999 for project/application specific Error codes, and then different ranges for other common components. But for an instrument drivers, we might use one of the existing LV-error codes, and for that we use a small tool to find a good error code. ErrorCodes.vi
  14. Company made version, based on Ref-based OO and active objects.
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