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  1. Quick clarification on the "Report to Moderator" link that appears on all posts: please use this to draw the moderators' and administrators' attention to a post for any reason - doing so puts your request into a queue that all moderators are able to actively work through, and are able to track/sign-off/etc, so it's a lot easier for us to... View the full article
  2. When you registered for LAVA, we asked you what version of LabVIEW you use the most: this is to help others frame their replies to your questions, and helps them to recognize that they shouldn't post a LabVIEW 2011 VI in a response to your threads if you've listed your main version as 8.2. We added LabVIEW 2011 to the list in August, so now's a... View the full article
  3. LAVA has a new feature which was introduced during the upgrade. You now can add tags to your posts to identify them better and to group posts that cross-cut different forums. For example. Say you create a post about having difficulty with serial communication and trying to display this data on a graph. You could put this topic in the hardware... View the full article
  4. We have added the ability to create a blog on LAVA. Right now, every LAVA member can create a blog. To get started. Click on the "Create New Blog" button on the main blog page here. Some useful things to know: You can add additional authors to your blog. This is useful when you have a group... View the full article
  5. The LAVA forums have just been updated to the latest version which includes several cool new features. Let us know what you think. During the upgrade, some avatars got replaced with profile pictures. You now only have one image for yourself which is used in your profile and as an avatar. If you are looking for your old avatar, see the attached zip file which contains all the custom LAVA avatars. You can find your old one in there. avatars.zip
  6. Shouldn't the front say, 'Keep LAVA Wired'?
  7. Read an important announcement about OpenG here.
  8. LAVA just got moved to a new faster, bigger, more stable, server (that's what she said!). If you see any issues, please report them here: http://lavag.org/for...edback-support/ And now for something totally random. Build a medieval arch using computer monitors:
  9. LabVIEW Wiki: We've updated the LabVIEW Wiki to the latest MediaWiki supported version (1.16). Changed the skin to the latest one which is also used on Wikipedia and MediaWiki. It's very clean and modern. Added a reCAPTCHA extension to trap bot registrations. Also added a bunch of other extensions to hopefully reduce spam pages which we've been getting lately. Removed the wysiwyg editor because it was adding bad formatting to pages. Replaced the editor with the new one used on MediaWiki and Wikipedia. It's better than the plain wikitext editor and has some cool help features built-in to assist with editing when you forget the syntax. LAVA Code Repository (CR): Updated to the latest version which adds a bunch of cool features: New imroved landing page. Which highlights code better and allows for "Featured" main entry. Built in version number feature. Now, there is a built-in feature for version numbers. Before we had to add a custom field for this. We are slowly deprecating the use of the old field. New Changelog feature. Now there is a field for changelogs. So with every new version of your file, you can fill in the changelog and LAVA CR keeps track of it. No need to put his in your description section anymore. It also gives you a summary page with a complete changelog history. Old feature but worth mentioning: You can submit multiple files. When the user clicks the download button, they are presented with an option to download one or more files associated with your submission. With this version, we now have the ability to provide free or paid tools on LAVA. If anyone is interested in selling their tools. please send an email to support@lavag.org. In addition to the above changes, the LAVA team is always tweaking and adjusting things behind the scenes to make your stay here more enjoyable. As always, we welcome feedback.
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