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  1. Name: XBee API Mode API Submitter: zlocm Submitted: 13 Jan 2012 Category: *Uncertified* LabVIEW Version: 2010 License Type: BSD (Most common) This is simple library for parsing XBee API packets. Click here to download this file
  2. Version 0.0.1


    This is simple library for parsing XBee API packets.
  3. Hi, I try to get cluster entries programmatically, but I can`t cast to datatype
  4. Is there any way to automize update process ? I mean something like Eclipse RPC, that provides such services.
  5. I have expression:<tr id = "ololo">Hello World <br> !!!</tr> Output should be: Hello World !!! But, it was: My sequence:Hello World <br> !!! This library (perl regexp) works fine with python, so this regexp get right result, but LAbView not. This pthon script: [/color][color=#1C2837]import reif __name__ == '__main__': data = '''&lt;tr id = "ololo"&gt;Hello World &lt;br&gt; !!!&lt;/tr&gt;''' table_regex = re.compile("&lt;(.*?)&gt;",re.IGNORECASE) print("FIRST EXRESSION ---------------------") print(table_regex.search(da
  6. Thanks for advice ! But regexp have problem...
  7. I try to delete all html tags from sequence (like <.....>). But LabView don`t find all of tags in me sequence. My sequence: <tr id = "ololo">Hello World <br> !!!</tr> Regexp: <(.*?)> My vi (LV 2009) is in attachements. Regerds. delete html tags from sequence.vi
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