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  1. alright maybe I'll try and ask for a new trend in this thread..who has worked on the coolest project which they can disclose and what was it? -side question: Is it accurate to say that the majority of LabVIEW developers are freelancers/consultants rather than on salary in a permanent position? and congrats crelf; sorry I don't know who you are yet (or what you do with your mad LV skills) but you're reputation defnitely precedes you!
  2. cool story Ben thanks for responding..I'm curious, along with the LV code what new method of quality control did you guys come up in regards to the DVDs?
  3. *sorry if this thread is posted in the wrong place hey LAVAs..I am relatively new to LabVIEW but have enjoyed my experience thus far and am curious as to what kind of careers LabVIEW developers have. So with that being said, who has the coolest LabVIEW/LabVIEW related job? *and please provide a bit of a description of your job
  4. Francois -- great work with this toolkit! Is there any update for the integration of ooCalc?
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