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  1. Hi Guys, Is it possible to add Images to the Picture Ring Control Programatically rather using the Right Click option and select Add Image from clipboard.
  2. There is a function "Get System Power Status" under Kernel32.dll, which gives only the system Power Status like On/Off, AC/DC type etc. Can anyone please help me in finding the System Battery Voltage and Current?
  3. Hi I am new to Test stand and what is required is, to insert an 1D array of data into a 2D Array. For example: Consider a simple sequence: 1. For Loop on n=1 to 15 a. Read Voltage. (Report Value [Table Name= 2D Array, Column=Voltage, Row=1]) End Thanks in advance
  4. I have tried this option previously, but the output is something like the image attached. There is a space between the Scales and the Plot Area
  5. LabVIEW Ver 7.1 does not have the option of Plot Area Position.
  6. Hello Friends, I am using Waveform Chart with multiple Y axis scales. Currently 6 Scales are used and made visible programatically. The Default No of scale is 6. Now the question is, sometimes when I change the No of scales from minimum to maximum, the scales are overlapped on the plot area. Please see to the attachment. How to solve this issue. Thanks
  7. Hello Mr.Antoine Chalon. Thanks for your vi.. I am facing a little problem with the vi. Please see to the attached image of what exactly is required. Please help me in order to get the Preferred Output in the Image
  8. How to convert a 2D Array to Tree. Attached a snap for reference.
  9. Can anybody help me in developing a Tree Control with Parent in Col 0, Child in Column 1
  10. This has solved my issues.. Thank you for your valuable suggestion
  11. Hello Friends, I want to implement a Tree Control with for loop (N=3), In my first iteration the tree control should be updated with Tag "Demo" Second Iteration: "Demo/Measurement" Third Iteration: "Demo/Measurement/Converter" Thank you
  12. That was an wonderful saying... Thanks a lot Mr. Ben. Cheers...
  13. Now I think I can proceed further. Thanks Ben and Shaun for your valuable suggestions
  14. Array of clusters is what I am using currently with 2D Array of 4 Rows and 4 Columns fixed. This holds good for 16 Channels. Suppose if I want to change the no of channels to say 8, then the array should resize to 2 rows 4 Columns (This is possible). For example: 4 Rows x 4 Cols will be my default array size, when it is changed to 2 Rows x 4 Columns, the size of the array element should increase to accommodate to 4 Rows x 4 Cols Size.....
  15. But my requirement is, in a single cell, I should have two lines. Line 1 = Channel Name - Medium Font, Line 2= Data-Bigger Font
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