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  1. Try adding this VI to your Project folder in LabVIEW (c:\program files\national instruments\labview 7.1\project). Restart LabVIEW and you will have "Remove All Breakpoints..." in the Tools menu of your VI. Download File:post-192-1129153762.vi
  2. I'm sure there is a nifty way to do this with scripting, but I haven't learned any of that yet. Below are two VIs that work together to do what you want. I'm sure much more functionality can be added. Follow the instructions on the front panel of Read_String_Array.vi. You will need both VIs. Pat Download File:post-192-1128133374.vi Download File:post-192-1128133381.vi
  3. My cRIO system just shipped. I haven't done any FPGA programming yet, so I'm sure I'll have a lot to talk about in the coming weeks.
  4. I'm not sure what you are trying to do, but I do know why this VI won't run. Replace Build Cluster Array with Bundle You need to add the coordinates into a cluster. Bundle is the correct way to do this. Turn Auto-Indexing On You need to make an array with all of your coordinate clusters. The easiest way to do this is by enabling indexing. New Version:
  5. After reading Conway-Watts I've started putting all 'constants' in INI files. There just seemed to be a desire from some to have a 'cleaner' compile-time constant, so I made a suggestion. I can think of other things I would like to see in LabVIEW first.
  6. There has been a recent discussion on Info-LabVIEW about how to implement constants in LabVIEW. We are talking about a constant value that is used many times in a program. These are defined at compile-time, not run-time. Several options were discussed (Globals=nasty, Simple VI with constant output=a file for each constant!, VI with cluster=have to have vi and unbundle for each call). I think a Global Variable-like VI (no block diagram) that automatically 'Set Current Values to Default' would be good. When dropped on a diagram, it would show up as an enum-like constant. It would be polymorphic. (see attachment)
  7. I've posted a hack the simulates a cluster frame color change. Not very elegant, but may be good enough for your application now. How hard is it to get NI to add these properties the the list? They have to be there, just not exported. Does LAVA and OpenG give the two of you enough celebrity to call the developers and get this into 7.1? Download File:post-10-1073107696.vi
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