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  1. yes...i already add search path to the both place 1. As i use the labview based OI...i add the search with "*" in the labview execution file config file. 2. add search path to the Teststand OI. it seems can't deploy the VI as "copy" method with teststand....only possible way will be use the source distrubtion....but it's a little bit hard to keep the same foder structure between development and target PC.
  2. Simple test just now, that keep same folder path on development and deployment PC. Only one SubVI, no dependecies. 1. If the teststand sequence and calling VI and subvi in the same folder then no problem even the subVI on the development locate on user.lib folder. 2. move the SubVI from the calling VI folder to the User.lib folder then error again. It seems need add search path to the labview runtime engine path? here the guy seems has same problem http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Setting-Search-Directory-with-LabVIEW-RTE/td-p/402959
  3. http://www.ni.com/white-paper/9923/en http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/49A380D75C705AE1862575DB0005503D?OpenDocument http://www.ni.com/white-paper/7061/en Here are the useful link for teststand deployment, but it doesn't resolve my problem, i'll continue try
  4. I forget mentioned that developement and target PC have same developemnt and runtime version.(TestStand2010+LabVIEW2010)
  5. Pls forgive my english, let me explain first. I developed the VI and teststand sequence on the development PC that everything works fine and now i like to deployed to the target PC. I have reuse lib at C:Program FilesNational InstrumentsLabVIEW 2010User.lib folder. On target PC only labivew runtime/teststand engine/OperatorOI installed no User.Lib folder, OK ...i just copy user.lib folder from development PC and put in the same path on the target PC, same process as other Dependent lib inside VI.lib/Instrument Lib/etc. and for the specific UUT test sequence and support LabVIEW VIs like "c:
  6. Hi All..thanks for the reply...and i just worry about that in the future that if new instrument can't support the IVI that need some custom code. My initial plan is OOP Factory pattern for IVI like instrument driver has similar interface and new child class when new instrument added or replacement, it's easy to add new "NO IVI compatible" instrument but need more work, but if IVI and in future must use the "NO IVI compatible" instrument seems a lot work to do to modify the exist work? so the problem is put work on beginning or future?Am i right?---it's still depend on the must use the "NO IV
  7. I have a chance to develop new tester that will be Teststand+LabVIEW....now i think about the instrument driver is IVI or OOP Factory pattern...both have some pros & cons...what's your opinion? and why? thanks I forget mentioned that this tester will be duplicate for many lines and will be long term maintenance
  8. Many thanks for the people hard working to make the LAVA back online...
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