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  1. Igor Titov

    SHA-1, SHA-2 hash, HMAC and AES function

    Thank you for pointing out. I updated the link (to https://github.com/IgorTitov/LabVIEW-Advanced-Encryption-Standard).
  2. I'm open to some LabVIEW freelance/outsource projects and jobs...

  3. Hello everybody! During a few last years I received multiple appeals to release AES library that I developed in 2011 into open-source. So, I've just done exactly this: https://github.com/IgorTitov/LabVIEW-Advanced-Encryption-Standard I released it under MIT license (which means that there are no restrictions whatsoever). No VI passwords, no uglification. LabVIEWishly Yours, Igor Titov.
  4. That's right, it generates HTML help files. But as was mentioned earlier for "VI to XML" tool, if you really need CHM, you can always use FAR or another chm-generator to produce CHM out of HTML.
  5. Probably you could also try HELPer from http://vigods.com/toolkits/HELPer/helper.html. It's NI certified toolkit for doing exactly what you want. And arguably, with much less fuss over it than in mentioned above solution. Just try it.
  6. Igor Titov

    AES 128 LabVIEW via php - Please Review

    For now yes, because I just started this web-site. AES is just the very first thing I decided to post there. But I'll fill it up when I have some free time.
  7. Igor Titov

    SHA-1, SHA-2 hash, HMAC and AES function

    As I already posted somewhere here (on AES implementation in native LabVIEW), I created AES encrypt/decrypt VIs and they are ready to be downloaded at https://github.com/IgorTitov/LabVIEW-Advanced-Encryption-Standard (and to be used absolutely for free ).
  8. Igor Titov

    AES 128 LabVIEW via php - Please Review

    I also faced the problem with AES a year ago and created encrypt/decrypt VIs. Recently I started my LabView related web-site (www.vigods.com) where I posted a brief description and VIs themselves. So, with it you don't need to use PHP for AES . Here it is: http://vigods.com/toolkits/security/aes.html.

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