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  1. Are there any architects books on #labview ? http://stackoverflow.com/q/5460954/47860

    1. SteveChandler


      None other than A Software Engineering Approach to LabVIEW. Some of you here should consider collaborating on one.

    2. SteveChandler


      Err.. None that I know of I meant to say.

  2. elijah kerry blew my brain at the #labview power user day! thanks #ni for organising this.

    1. Jim Kring

      Jim Kring

      Was it the LVOOP state machine? That rocks :)

    2. Ton Plomp

      Ton Plomp

      No, it was a whole rang of thins, SCC, ReUse (VIPM), requirement gateway, OOP design patterns. All that in 8 hours...

  3. Ever since #Stackoverflow and OpenID I find it hard to trust any website that asks for a username/password combo.

    1. jcarmody


      Estoy de acuerdo.

  4. i do ! RT @EdDickens: Does any else not like the fact that System Boolean buttons have Key focus and 'Return' mapped to them? #LabVIEW

    1. Francois Normandin

      Francois Normandin

      Same here. I always use the "Cancel button" for this very reason.

  5. RT @dhh: US prosecutes Swiss banks for violating US law, but won't allow other countries to prosecute them for torture etc,...

    1. jcarmody


      Only the US Will Have National Sovereignty - http://tinyurl.com/7xembzk

  6. New blog post: http://t.co/iEQ6o6nF - LabVIEW, web services and optional inputs

    1. jcarmody


      Folks without your blog in their RSS feed reader need this update. I, however, follow your blog. Thanks :)

    1. lvb


      Thanks for all of the hard work. This looks great...

  7. LAVA 1.0 DAQmx free

  8. Commodore 64 is back, with the same ol' look but modern insides http://t.co/ecOmK08 via @latimestech ooh yes, that is too good to be true!

  9. Looking for OpenG Code Reviewers: http://bit.ly/boluCr

  10. Lava 1.0 officially migrated!

  11. First step in World Dominatino: Creating a Mercurial Source control Provider for LabVIEW.

  12. Ton on LabVIEW: Code Capture Tool Plugins - An introduction for developers http://t.co/UdEg209l

  13. Would anyone like to put CCT snippets directly on the web?

  14. Want to change the icon of your dialog? http://tinyurl.com/3283dru

  15. Code Capture Tool 2.1.2 with SaveForPrevious version and instead upload to Imgur.com

  16. LabVIEW is recovering for over 90 minutes. And I don't know what I have done

  17. I like the new CR pages!

  18. Curse of the programmer: Finding bugs faster than you can fix them. Inventing features faster than you can implement them.

  19. Output tunnels from event structure should default to NOT "Use Default if Unwired" http://cot.ag/f52OaE

  20. I've got a good feeling about lat week. Dealt with one of the hardest bugs I've ever created in #labview.

  21. That deserves a badge: 'a user who kept a browser cookie based account alive for 16 months (!!)' @codinghorror

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