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  1. Like I said, I never dealt with VIPM myself and Ton isn't responding to emails (championship went to his head? Blood went to his head on account of being upside down?).



    Also, if someone has contact with Ton (e.g. on Facebook or Twitter), maybe you should contact him separately and nudge him towards this.

    Sorry guys.


    I had a chat with JKI about this, and there is a fix available for VIPM, or the OGP that Yair posted. I'll see if I can get the version updated soon.


    Yes the move to New Zealand had been of quite an impact and I moved out of the LabVIEW world, moving to PLCs and SCADAs at an Aluminium Smelter. Working with different technologies has shown me the strengths of LabVIEW and weaknesses. However I can tell that the programming language LabVIEW is far superior to any of the PLC languages i've been working with so far.





  2. Perhpaps you need the correct capitalization? Linux (in general) is capital aware while Windows is not.

    If I look at a windows LabVIEW.exe it has the following string somewhere in the binary file: allowMultipleInstances so you might need to CamelCase your INI key.

    I'd test:




    And I'd test it with different spellings of False/false/FALSE



  3. I think it is because the GrapChart also covers some 3d graphing objects:



    • GraphChart (pme)
      • IntensityChart (pm)
      • IntensityGraph (pme)
      • MixedSignalGraph (pme)
      • WaveformChart (pm)
      • WaveformGraph (pme)
        • DigitalGraph (p)
        • XYGraph (p)

    (source: http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361K-01/lvprop/propmeth_class_hierarchy/)



  4. Here's a trimmed down version of the error (http://i.imgur.com/PY0Masp.png).


    The fix by james ( fixes this issue


    However it's similar for Complex Singles and Complex Doubles. This is fixed in commit d966584f2b63 (not build yet).


    James: could you add Tag's after building the project?


    Last issue is with FXP's.

    I don't understand them well enough to have a good idea how to represent them in JSON...




    Apparently if the first instance of an array is empty, something goes wrong. I haven't been able to pinpoint it. However the variant we return from 'From JSON' has the correct number of elements (see Variant out).




    I can understand a little bit how this happens.

    Finding a fix might be harder.




  5. Hi All,


    I would like to announce the  setup of a LAVAg group on Bitbucket. This will provide us with an easy-to-start collaboration platform. Any member of the group can create repositories for open source projects.


    The first repository in this group is the JSON LabVIEW API.

    My goal is to have a groups of repositories of code that are valuable to us all. By moving the repositories into a group it removes  the link to a person on the code. Now the code is owned by the group and the value reflects on the LAVA community.


    If you want to join the group (or co-admin) drop me a message on LAVA or Bitbucket


    I hope this will give our company a boost in cooperation and code development!


    Have fun,



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