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  1. Here's the error description as stored in LabVIEW (help->Explain Error..):



    Error -1073807246 occurred at an unidentified location
    Possible reason(s):
    VISA:  (Hex 0xBFFF0072) The resource is valid, but VISA cannot currently access it.

    Where are the errors comming from? I suppose from the 'Open VISA resource'.

    Is this running on the same computer as the Development enivronment?


    You might need to wait a little bit before calling the VISA open function. Try to add a wait of 10 seconds before the open VISA session.



  2. There are several options, the easiest is serving up a folder as a webpage (this can be done with Apache) and storing the images in that folder.




    PS This does not belong on the Real Time but on the Internet/remote monitoring forum.

  3. Well you can get the source of the LabVIEW Icon editor, so you can get the text, and write the output to the icon.

    I have never opened the code from the editor, but I assume the text is saved as a tag in the VI's meta-data. However this is not a standard, if you for instance use the Endevo Goop toolkit ( by MikaelH), you are not compatible with the standard NI data.



  4. If I have an application that has lengthy processes (>10 seconds), or when it's unlikely that I regurarly (agian at least every 10 seconds) hit the main event loop, then I have a dedicated 'Terminate'  event loop, that's monitoring both the Application:Close? and Panel:Close? events and will signal an abort to these lengthy processes to stop prematurely. 



  5. The Application Instance Close? event doesn't work. If you can attach an example that works, that would be nice, but my tests show it not working.



    could you explain 'Does not work'. What do you expect from this event?

    It should get triggered when Windows wants to close an application (I get this event when I shut down my computer).

    Since you Discard the event your application is ignoring this event, and you should close your app yourself.



  6. I assume you have a by-reference design (for instance a DVR in a class), you should use a constant class S25FL016A as input for the NI-845X 'Initialize', in your SPI 'Initialize' you call the parent method. 

    Now in the S25FL016A-method, you use a 'To More Generic' class with an SPI constant.


    However I am wondering if you design is correct. (I might misinterpreted your UML).

    But I read that S25FL016A overrides SPI which overrides NI-845X.

    Now I don't think that's a good design, the SPI is part of the NI-845X, not a more specific type.

    Your NI-845X should have a member of the SPI type, on the 'Intialize' method of SPI, you feed a reference to the owner (not parent) class. Now you have access to the owner of the SPI inside the SPI class, and you can have 'Community' methods in the NI-854X class that are accessible by the SPI class.



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