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  1. Our company is in a 17025 certified measurement institute, however we are facing issues with the calibration of acceleration sensors, official we need to calibrate them in the whole measurement range. However we weren't able to locate a calibration institute that calibrate up to 60 G with a 17025 compliant certificate.


    Does anyone have pointers?





  2. Filed as issue  #22

    Fixed in version 3.2.1, that is available at SourceForge and the Lava Code repository. Should go live shortly on the LabVIEW Tools Network.

    It's fixed by placing the Mouse VIs in a conditional case structure that's only run for Windows and Linux.



  3. Hi Antoine,


    Yair is right that code is used for the panning/zooming using the scroll wheel. I always thought that code was OS generic.

    Can you place the whole while loop + init/close VI inside a conditional structure, to see if it is fixed then?

    If so we can easily create a platform limited code for Mac/Linux.

    Apparently this code is only available on Win/Linux.



  4. I suspect that the file date is changed.

    One thing that has always stumped me with a 'get lock' SCC regime is that you need the server to edit the file.

    I understand that there's a bug in LabVIEW. A no-op save. But that should not cause any problems. Using the 'read-only' flag is a bad method (IMHO) to control the state of a file. Merge tools are getting better (and NIs LabVIEW merge tool is reasonably good), so one should not rely on the file-date to control the contents of the file.



  5. Well a VI does not know if it belongs to a project (it might even belong to several projects, which is bad), so I guess the best you can do is the following:


    This will look in the folder of the VI for a project file, if one match is found that is returned, otherwise it will look to the folder above the VI project, untill the root of the filesystem is found.

    If more than one file is found you need an algorithm to find the best match. One option would be the Levenshtein distance



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