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  1. Just spent 2 hours trying to explain the thread management behavior of LabVIEW to a bunch of SQL developers. I need a drink...

  2. Just passed the CLA-R at the #CLASummit. Now I can relax and enjoy the rest of the presentations!

  3. One of my Idea Exchange ideas finally has a status of 'In Development'!

  4. Just got approval for NI Week 2012! Not I just need to buy my LAVA BBQ Ticket!

  5. One of my posts made the twitter feed! Too bad the topic is over 2 years old. Nice to see it is still relevant.

  6. Just booked my CLA Summit flights and hotel!

  7. Just booked my trip for NI Week 2011. Bummed that the Hilton was full... Not looking forward to the walk in the TX heat...

  8. is porting code to LV 2010. So far, so good...

  9. Just did one more run though of my NI Week presentation. Hope it goes well. See you there!

    1. jgcode


      Good luck with it, I am looking forward to it.

  10. Passed my CLD! Now to take that Adv. Arch. class before I attempt the CLA exam!

  11. Finally getting around to taking the CLD test tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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