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  1. Darin, do you say that conditional tunnels should not be allowed on Parallel For Loops because the conventional way of writing the code with a case structure and build array is not parallelizable, or is there another reason why you don't think it should be allowed? The LabVIEW compiler actually transforms conditional tunnels into a representation that we can safely parallelize, but there are a few bugs that users have reported.
  2. If it reproduces again, post the VIs. I suspect that the problem is with the nested loops in the subVI and not with the calling VI. The number of loop instances used at run-time is the minimum of the number specified in the dialog and the number wired to P. If you don't wire anything to P, that input defaults to the number of logical processors in the machine. If you have a quad-core machine and you specified at least four in the dialog, both loops will be four-way parallel. The outer loop will execute using four loop instances, and each of those loop instances will execute the inner loop usi
  3. We fixed something that sounds exactly like what you are describing for LV 2011. I tried running the snippet you attached in LV 2010, and I got the correct answers. It's possible you have the connector pane configured differently than I do. Can you attach the actual VI that is reproducing this issue? I want to try it in 2010 and 2011 to make sure we fixed what you are experiencing. Mary Fletcher Staff Software Engineer LabVIEW R&D
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